From long layered to shaggy: 5 of the best haircuts for women over 50, according to hairstylists.

At Mamamia, we've been talking a lot about hair over 50.

Recently, one of our contributors Teresa McNamara wrote a whole piece about how she was sick of being prescribed an 'age-appropriate' hairstyle. And the response to this article was huge.

Meaning? It resonated with a hell of women who shared the same experience.

In fact, not too long ago our very own Holly Wainwright actually talked about turning 50 and feeling "rebellious about having so very much hair at my age."

In an article she wrote, "I think I was supposed to cut my hair at 50. Get something a bit more 'sensible' going on. But I can't."

Because, as it seems, for quite some time women have felt like they've needed to fit into a certain box when it comes to their style over 50.

And as we all know, it's total BS.

Hair is such a personal thing – and you should always feel like you have the freedom to do whatever the hell you want no matter what age you are.  

So, how are people wearing their hair over 50? And what are some options if you want something different?

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When we spoke with hairstylist Amanda Magistro, National Kerasilk Ambassador and owner of Perth’s Salon Alm, she said the most common request she gets from clients in their 50s is: "Don’t make me look my age!"

"And I love that!" she said. "I've noticed women are looking after themselves so much more these days and your hair plays such an important part in your identity."

"Once upon a time, I think we all believed the older we get, the shorter the hair. Well, times have changed and I love when my mature-age clients sit in my chair and let me guide them to a fresh and up-to-date look.

For Kirby Lago, National Kerasilk Ambassador and owner of Pelo by Lago, most women that come through her salon want a low-maintenance, effortless hairstyle that enhances their natural beauty with ease. 

"In my salon, it is our passion and goal to achieve that outcome while also ensuring we take good care of the health of your hair and make sure you leave the salon feeling your absolute best," said Lago. 

"We find that our most common service with our clients in this age group is embracing the length of their hair (being long or short) and creating a low maintenance lived-in colour." 


When it comes to common requests for hairstyles, Lago said she sees a lot of "short or medium-length cuts with natural texture or soft layers that allow for versatility and can be easily styled for various occasions."

"These styles not only create the illusion of fuller hair but also add movement and dimension."

Now, before we get into some of the best haircuts over 50, it's probably worth looking at how your hair changes as you hit your 50s and beyond.

How does your hair change over 50?

Fact: There are some unavoidable shifts that pop up as we age — including changes to our hair. 

"The most obvious change many women will see is pigmentation loss, grey hair. This can also cause the texture of your hair to change whether it be dry, coarse and frizzy or limp and less volume," explained Magistro.

"Another common change is hair thinning, many women feel as if they are shedding five million strands a day (relax you’re definitely not). This is actually known as female pattern thinning."

When it comes to things that can help, Lago added, "Be sure to show your hair some extra love with nourishing products, regular trims, deep conditioning, and natural oils for that youthful shine."

"Remember to embrace the remarkable changes your hair undergoes after 50. It tells a story of growth, resilience, and the beauty of embracing your unique self."

"So, step into this exciting chapter of life with confidence, knowing that your hair is a testament to your incredible journey!"


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What are the best haircuts for women over 50? 

When it comes to what kind of haircuts best suit women over 50, Magistro said there are a few things to keep in mind.

"This all comes down to the individual and the stylist," she explained. "To know the best haircut for anyone, first and foremost, is looking at their face shape, lifestyle and own personal style."

Read: Hair is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. This is why there's so much frustration from hairstylists like Magistro when it comes to women over 50 being prescribed an "age-appropriate" haircut.

Magistro said, "It drives me crazy! I’m a strong believer that how you look and feel should never be defined by a number. There is no rule on having a “certain haircut”.

Hear, hear.

Overall, Magistro recommends keeping things 'soft' — but suggests opting for whichever length feels more 'you'.

"Be it a short, medium or long, I think it’s always really beautiful to incorporate softness around the face and movement in the hair. However, don’t ever underestimate the power of a blunt bob."

Lago added, "Ultimately, as hairstylists, we collaborate with our clients to understand their preferences and provide professional advice tailored to their needs."


"While some popular styles may be more commonly chosen by women over 50, the emphasis is on creating a haircut that suits the individual and enhances their unique beauty and self-expression. We want you to feel stunning and confident, always."

Here are some of the most popular choices, along with examples of celebrities who have rocked these cuts. 

1. Pixie cut.

Image: Getty.

Want to go short and statement? This one's for you.


Lago said, "For those seeking a chic and daring look, a pixie cut is a fantastic choice. It's a short and low-maintenance cut that exudes confidence and style."

"Celebrities like Judi Dench and Halle Berry have showcased how stunning a pixie cut can be."

Magistro recommends a Kris Jenner-esqe "soft edges and face-framing layers. This also looks great styled off the face for a more fun and edgy look."

2. Shoulder-length cut.

Image: Getty.


If you're a fan of medium-length hair, Magistro recommends a "Sonia Kruger shoulder-length-or-below" haircut with "textured layers for movement and light face shaping."

Lago adds, "A shoulder-length cut strikes a balance between short and long styles, creating a sophisticated and polished look. It works well for all face shapes and hair types."

For more celeb inspo, Lago said, "Michelle Pfeiffer and Jennifer Lopez are examples of celebrities who have embraced flattering shoulder-length cuts."

3. Long layered hair.

Image: Getty.


Lago said, "Long layered hair remains a popular choice, offering versatility and elegance. It enhances natural texture and allows for various styling options."

"Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Julianne Moore have showcased the beauty of long layered hair."

Magistro said, "I always love to incorporate a face-framing bang from about chin level down."


4. Bob cut.

Image: Getty.


"The classic bob is a versatile and timeless option," said Lago. "It can be tailored to various lengths, from chin-length to shoulder-length. 

"A bob frames the face beautifully and works well for different hair textures. Helen Mirren and Viola Davis are examples of celebrities who have embraced stunning bob cuts," she said.

If you're looking for an Anna Wintour (aka the queen of the bob) inspired blunt bob, Magistro recommends asking your hairstylist to explore the possibility of a fringe, as it "just adds that element of softness."

5. Shaggy layers.

Image: Getty.


Lago said, "Shaggy layers add texture, movement, and volume to hair. This haircut works well for medium to long lengths and suits various hair types."

"Jane Fonda and Lisa Rinna have embraced shaggy layers to create a trendy and energetic appearance."

So, there you have it! Five of the best haircuts for women over 50.

Above all, keep in mind that hair is a totally individual choice and you should always go for whatever look makes you feel most confident and happy. You do you! 

"Be the hottest version of you! That is my life motto — and anyone who sits in my chair walks away feeling exactly like that," said Magistro. 

"Don’t be scared to take a risk, add extensions for added fullness, get those bangs on to contour and shape your face and, most importantly, take the time to speak to your stylist for tips on how to style your hair best to suit your look."

“Remember when your hair looks amazing you look and feel amazing."

Tell us. What's your favourite way to wear your hair? Share with us in the comment section below.

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