The 7 hair and nail trends you'll see at every 2022 wedding.

After another year of COVID fluffing about, there's good news on the wedding front: they can go ahead, albeit for now.

We've already filled you in on the most popular wedding dresses and makeup trends for 2022, but what about hair? And nails? Because there are some cute new trends popping up and you should be in the know, right? Particularly if you're set to wed this year.

Here are the seven biggest wedding hairstyle and manicure trends every 2022 bride should have on their radar (and they might be some of our favourite looks yet.)

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Wedding hair trends for 2022.

1. Keeping it natural.

If one thing's for certain, full glam has well and truly taken a back seat during the pandemic, and natural hair and makeup have taken over.

Much like brides in 2022 opting for 'no makeup' makeup for their wedding (as our senior beauty writer noted here), many will also choose a natural hairdo to match.

Not only is a hairstyle close to your natural locks low-maintenance, but it will allow you to look and feel like yourself on your big day, and when you look back in pictures.


2. The return of the headband.

Headbands come and go in waves and in 2022, they are most definitely back. But this year, they're a little chunkier and heavy on the diamantes and pearls. 

If you're thinking Blair Waldorf vibes, gold star for you.

A headband pairs perfectly with soft waves or a bouncy blow dry (another hair trend which has made a swift return), and works with or without a veil - it's completely down to preference.


3. Slicked-back chic.

Thanks to Hollywood's it-girls, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, the slicked-back 'do reigned in 2021. Not only was it popular for running everyday errands (the perfect lazy girl hairstyle), but it was also worn at weddings.

Lily Collins kept her hair swept back at her September 2021 wedding, and so did Paris Hilton, who went slick and high, while leaving a piece of hair out to frame her face. Both allowed the focus to be on their face and dress.


Expect to see this continue in 2022, especially with La Niña. Hello, weatherproof hair!


4. Hats, hats, hats.

The other hair accessory we suspect will take over this year: hats. 

A little more surprising than the typical headpiece, a hat is the perfect accessory to spice up your wedding day look. With or without a veil, it's a little bit '70s, a little bit boho and a whole lotta chic. 

Take influencer Rocky Barnes as an example; so damn cool.


Wedding nail trends for 2022.

5. Jewelled nails.

Kicking off with the boldest and not-so-secretly our favourite wedding nail trend of 2022: jewelled nails. 

Thanks to celebrities and shows like Euphoria, a little sparkle on the fingertips will be seen across the board in 2022, including on brides.

You can keep it minimal with dainty diamantes or go ham with plenty of them, it's completely up to you.


6. Something blue.

In 2021, we saw the rise of the revamped French manicure - where instead of opting for your traditional white tip, you pick a colour instead. And at 2022 weddings, we predict this trend will continue.

But instead of fluorescent pink or punchy black tips, this nail design can act as your "something blue".

Think dainty sky blue or something bolder like dark navy at the end of your nails. So cool.


7. Subtle ombre.

The most timeless nail style we've spotted on celebs and influencers alike. 

Instead of opting for a traditional block white or pink colour (move over Funny Bunny), choose a neutral shade that's a little more translucent. It will allow the white tip of your nail to show through, giving a natural ombre look.

The perfect in-between shade.


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