Hailey Bieber once said she was 'scared' to become a parent. Her reason is not what you think.

Hailey Bieber has no problem sharing carefully curated snippets of her life online—and, as a result, often courts criticism. 

However, speaking to the Sunday Times in May 2023, she said that living life in the public eye has influenced her thoughts around starting a family. The 26-year-old shared that she felt apprehensive about having children due to the amount of online harassment that she receives.

The model and founder of skincare line Rhode Skin spoke with the Times in the wide-ranging interview about growing up as the child of actor and producer Stephen Baldwin, her personal style and her business acumen—but it was her comments about having children that struck a chord.

Now that the model has revealed she is expecting, we look back on how her time in the public eye will inform her parenting journey moving forwards.

Listen to The Spill hosts discuss Justin and Hailey Bieber's relationship below. Story continues after podcast. 

November 2009: Hailey and Justin meet.

Hailey was originally a fan of Justin's music, meeting the star at a Today show meet-and-greet when she was just 12.

The pair became quite close again in 2011, with Hailey tweeting about supporting his then relationship with Selena Gomez. They continued to be friends, going to church together, and briefly dated in early 2016. 

June 2018: Hailey and Justin officially start dating again.

Soon after the Met Gala, Hailey reunited with Justin. They were seen together on multiple occasions, travelling from Miami to Brooklyn and even the Hamptons together. 


July 2018: Justin and Hailey Bieber get engaged.

Having been back together for just a handful of months, the news broke the internet that Justin had proposed to Hailey while on vacation in the Bahamas. 

On July 9, Bieber confirmed the engagement on his Instagram. 

"Hailey I am soooo in love with everything about you! So committed to spending my life getting to know every single part of you loving you patiently and kindly," he wrote.

"I promise to lead our family with honour and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make," he added. 

"My heart is COMPLETELY and FULLY YOURS and I will ALWAYS put you first! You are the love of my life Hailey Baldwin and I wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else."


The pair married just a few months later in a courthouse ceremony on September 13.

September 2019: Justin and Hailey throw a big white wedding.

In September 2019, the pair decided to throw a large wedding, in South Carolina in front of 150 family and friends.


February 2022: Hailey Bieber admits she's not ready for kids yet.

There had been pregnancy speculation since early on in Hailey and Justin's relationship, largely due to the swiftness of their engagement. 

However, the model told WSJ, "I think ideally in the next couple of years we would try.

"But there's a reason they call it try, right? You don't know how long that process is ever going to take. Definitely no kids this year; that would be a little bit hectic, I think."

April 2022: Bieber faces online trolls.

Bieber had the target of waves of online harassment over the past few years, largely because of her marriage to Justin, who was previously in a highly publicised relationship with singer and actor, Selena Gomez.

The model has been accused of 'stealing' her husband from Gomez.

In April 2022, Bieber posted a video to her TikTok account begging commenters "leave me alone" in response to negative comments on her videos.

"I don't do anything, I don't say anything. Leave me alone, please," she pleaded. 

January 2023: The Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez feud escalates online.

The online harassment heightened when accusations surfaced of a feud unfolding online between Bieber, her friend Kylie Jenner, and Gomez.

The close pals were supposedly posting shady videos and comments in reference to Gomez, which led to a flood of backlash from 'The Heart Wants What It Wants' singer's supporters. The singer eventually posted a video that seemed to be calling her fans out for attacking Bieber.


April 2023: Bieber seemingly addresses the impact of online controversy.

Bieber opened up to followers on her Insta stories about how she had experienced "some of the saddest, hardest moments" in her life in 2023, and asked for people to "be there for loved ones and friends and family and strangers".

There was speculation at the time that the messages alluded to the emotional impact of her online drama with Selena Gomez.

May 2023: Bieber shares fears about having children.

In her interview with The Times, Bieber tackled the topic head-on, saying that she wants a family, but is concerned about having kids extremely public life. She said she, "literally [cries] about this all the time".

"I want kids so bad, but I get scared. It's enough that people say things about my husband or my friends... I can't imagine having to confront people saying things about a child."

However, she confirmed they would eventually have children.

"We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe," she said. 


October 2023: Hailey comments on constant pregnancy rumours.

Hailey Bieber addressed the rumour mill in an interview with GQ Hype in October. She said the internet would be the "last to know" when she finally was expecting.

"There is something that's disheartening about, damn, I can't be bloated one time and not be pregnant? It would be a lie if I was like, 'Oh yeah, I don't give a s---,' " she said. "When there comes a day that that is true, you, you as in the internet, will be the last to know."

She added that being a mum is something she "look[s] forward to."

May 2023: Bieber confirms her first pregnancy.

On May 10, Hailey and Justin announced that they are expecting their first child together, with Hailey debuting her burgeoning bump in a chic photoshoot. 


Clad in a floor-length lace bardot gown and elaborate veil, it appears that the couple may have simultaneously renewed their vows. 

The pair were pictured kissing and a short video of them together was shared with romantic background music. 

This article was first published in May 2023 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature image: Instagram/@justinbieber

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