Why people can't stop staring at a photograph of Elon Musk with his family.

A seemingly innocuous photograph of 47-year-old Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, with his family, has been shared widely online, after a detail caught their attention.

Musk was at the SpaceX headquarters in California for a college competition. Predictably, there were photos taken, and at first the father-of-five just looks to be posing with two young people.

Many say they were convinced they were looking at the world-famous engineer alongside two of his children. But the woman to his left is actually his girlfriend.

Musk, who has been married three times, is dating 30-year-old Canadian musician Claire Elise Boucher, who goes by the name Grimes.


Unfortunately, social media became a tad, erm, confused by her seemingly petite stature in the images of their outing.



The pair announced they were dating at the Met Gala in May.