Couples are sharing the healthiest thing they ever did for their marriage.

Though each marriage is a completely different experience for each couple, personal experience can really helpful.

So when a recent Reddit thread posed the question, “What is the healthiest thing you’ve done for your marriage?”, forum users were quick to share their advice whilst also accepting the advice of others.

“I learned two phrases. 1. ‘Listen to understand, don’t listen to reply.’ 2. ‘It’s you both VS the problem. Not you VS them.’ Game changers.” Reddit user Kristaboo14 wrote.

Another user also noted communication to be one of the most powerful tools required in a marriage, where it decreases the likelihood of anger festering.

“Mentioning small things before they become big things. It’s something I really wish other people wouldn’t get so damn defensive about, because it makes both me and my husband way happier,” EthanEpiale said.

“I write down one thing I love about my wife every single day. Even on days we argue, it forces me to think of something good about her. Made a book about it for our tenth anniversary. She happy-cried,” HawaiianShirts wrote on Reddit.

We’re happy crying too, HawaainShirts.

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But as much as showing continual devotion is important, so is giving each other space.

“Having our own lives. You don’t own each other. It’s healthy to have your own friends, nights off, parties, hobbies, etcetera,” hail_the_shitpope said.

Others had slightly more tangible tips for a smooth sailing marriage. See, as Reddit user Campin_Buddy believes, cleaning, or lack thereof, can be a huge reason to stir up a fight.

“Hire a house cleaner. Absolutely worth every penny,” they said.

Then, Reddit user Gludius chimed in with this nugget of advice:

“Sex. Lots of it,” they wrote. Ah yes, there’s always that!