'People were confused when I went on a solo cruise. But travelling alone was a huge vibe.'

There's a stereotype about cruising.

I know you know it. You're thinking it right now. Retirees from Florida. Families with little kids.

But friends, there's a new type of traveller coming for the cruising crown. The next-gen of cruising obsessives are just like me. They're the single girlies. The solo sun seekers. 

The DI(B)Y cruising business is booming and I'm here to tell you – I get it, and I want in.

I went on my first-ever cruise earlier this year with Celebrity Cruises, and I did it all on my lonesome. (Cue Celine Dion singing 'All By Myself'.) Except 'lonesome' is not even close to the right word for it because it turns out going on a cruise alone is actually a huge vibe.

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I admit, plenty of people were shocked and/or horrified when I told them I was hitting the cruising scene alone. Even the guy who checked me in on Day One seemed… confused.

Him, smiling broadly: "Who are you travelling with?"


Me, also grinning: "Just me!"

Him, struggling to maintain smile: "No! You can't be alone. Really?"

Me: "Yep! Just me!"

Him, gently placing foot into mouth: "You're the only one by yourself! Nobody else is here on their own!"

Me: "Okayhahahahave a nice day then."

No but seriously, despite his deep certainty that I was the ONLY SOLO TRAVELLER on board a ship of more than 3,000 people (I most definitely wasn't), I spied a couple of other people without friends travel buddies as I flitted around. And even if I had been the only person travelling without a group, I would've been A-okay.

Me and all my friends 👀 Image: Supplied.

On board, there was not only a stack of stuff to do, but also plenty of opportunities to meet other travellers, hang out with new peeps and just generally have a great social time. 

BUT the advantage of the solo cruise? When I needed a bit of 'me time', I could just head back to my super-lush stateroom (which was honestly so flippin' glam I could've happily spent hours on end in there) for some downtime.


Just to be clear, this wasn't a specific 'singles cruise' (nothing wrong with that, of course, but that wasn't this). But Celebrity Edge (which, just quietly, is heading to Australia and NZ for summer 2023/24) did host solo cruise traveller events on several of the eight nights I was on board, meaning that if you do want to connect directly with other people travelling by themselves, it was super easy. 

I admit, I missed them because I was off checking out the other approximately 2,895 things there were to do on (and off) this floating resort. But just know that if you're heading on board alone, you're definitely catered for.

Before you even get on the ship, you can also book in small group tours for each of the ports. Here's where I made a teensy mistake, because I only jumped onto this particular offering on the final day of my cruise, meaning that, had I met the love of my life (or, you know, just someone I wanted to hang out with the next day), I only had… less than 24 hours with them. 

So get in nice and early if you want to get in on the onshore tour action, both to lock down the popular trips (these things book out FAST, y'all) and to give you and your soul mate time to get... soul-y.

Of course, there is also a nightclub on board – yes, an actual, full-scale CLUB – so if you miss out on making friends during a group tour, you can always find love on the dance floor.

Image: Supplied. 

For me though, it was the connections made over dinner. 

Not that you're seated with randoms, god no (ick, RANDOMS, right?!), but the general vibe is just so friendly – We're all on holidays! We're all cruising the Med! We're all sipping cocktails and eating epic food! – that you just kind of can't help talking to other people who are, frankly, loving their lives as much as you are in that moment. (Shout out to the sweet British guy and his drunk uncle – druncle? – who kept me chatting for hours on the last night. I never got your names but thanks for the lols!)


Even the crew are so friendly that it feels like you're hanging out with your mates (who just happen to also be putting intricate desserts down in front of you or mixing you a cocktail or giving you a massage, which I have decided are the real signs of a true friend).

So forget the 'retirees and families' stereotype – if you're someone who loves a little bit of alone time alone time, but still wants the option of *other people*, I can't rec a solo cruise enough. 

(And yes, I'm already planning my next one… I'm thinking the Greek Islands are looking pretty good for next Euro summer... 🤔).

Feature Image: Supplied.

Mamamia travelled as a guest of Celebrity Cruises. All opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own.

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