From Glossier to Milk Makeup: Exactly where to buy the biggest cult beauty brands in Australia.

It’s 2023, and it still feels like Australia is playing a game of beauty catch-up with the rest of the world. 

Social media has made it so much harder to ignore brands and launches occurring overseas (especially in the US), that being in Australia has an 'outsider' feeling, as if though we’re the Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl.  

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Fortunately, you have me, who has spent a great chunk of coin when I’ve travelled and on shipping forwarding fees, buying into the hype.

Here are some of the beauty brands I get asked about most whenever I post, including where to buy them and what I would recommend you try first.

Where to buy Milk Makeup in Australia.

Image: Instagram @milkmakeup.


This fun-loving brand was born in a creative studio in NYC and has since earned a reputation for products that not only work but also happen to be rooted in valuing self-expression.

Their range has expanded to include both skincare and makeup, from moisturiser and serum sticks to flexible base products and coloured pigments. 

Since its inception, the brand's been very clear on its message of inclusivity across genders, skin tones and skill levels. A standout feature of the brand is that so much of it comes in stick form, with the idea that you could apply a full face with fingers, just dab, dab, dabbing away.

On my last trip to the US, I stocked up on a number of Milk products to test out, so I have a couple of recommendations now that they’ve finally launched in Sephora Australia!

Which products I recommend: 

The Vegan Milk Moisturiser is a gorgeous all-rounder, nourishing and hydrating, and suitable for a range of skin types. 


The Lip+Cheek multi-use stick, particularly in the shade Werk, is one of my go-to faves from the brand. It’s a lovely dusty rose, and the pigment is great for lips, cheeks, and even eyes if you want to have a monochrome moment.

Where to buy it

In 2021, Milk Makeup launched in Sephora Australia. They don't have EVERYTHING, but there's a heap of cult-favourite products to stock up on.

You can also purchase more of their range through Cult Beauty online.

Where to buy Glossier in Australia.

Image: Instagram @glossier.


A cult favourite brand with a number of already iconic products, we can’t talk about elusive beauty buys without talking about the Instagram success story that is Glossier

It may just be me, but the last few years have seen Glossier alllll over my feed and in my saved posts with dreamy product shots and their showrooms. They barely need an introduction, but I’m sure you know them for their cool-girl vibes, and skin first, makeup second message.

Which products I recommend: 

Cloud Paints are an easy-to-use and super-pigmented liquid blush, perfect for blending together and creating all kinds of blush looks.

The Stretch Concealer is quite a unique formula that provides coverage and seems to move with your skin throughout the day, reducing creasing and settling.

Finally, the Priming Moisturiser is great for dry-skin gals such as myself who need an extra layer of hydration that perfectly preps your skin for makeup.

Where to buy it: 

Glossier has just introduced an option for Australian shipping on its website. You can shop Glossier’s products in Australia on the brand’s website here (you're welcome, friends). 

Where to buy Tower28 in Australia.

Image: Instagram @tower28beauty.


As someone with sensitive skin, Tower28 Beauty is absolutely my cup of tea. The beauty editor founder behind the brand wanted to formulate a line that wouldn’t irritate sensitive skin but was cute, fun and easy to use. 

Different products from the line have repeatedly sold out and been nominated for a number of beauty awards. 

Which products I recommend: 

The ShineOn Lip Jellies, in both the original formula and the milky version, are such a gorgeous lip gloss formula. Glossy and shiny without being sticky, they come in a number of shades, from an essential clear gloss to milky pinks. I recommend XOXO as well as Oat. 

The Shiny BeachPlease Tinted Balm is a perfect cream blush formula, super blendable, and leaves such a dewy finish. 


Where to buy it: 

Tower28 is available at Revolve, which ships directly to Australia. You can shop in AUD, all tax and duties are included and shipping is very reasonable (or free on orders over USD$100).

Where to buy Roen Beauty in Australia.

Image: Instagram @roenbeauty.

One of Roen Beauty’s founders is celebrity make-up artist Nikki DeRoest, who’s well known for her 'lit from within' looks on the likes of Bella Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, so you know she’s going to make a good product. Each of its launches is considered, with high performance and a luxe experience as the top priorities – not to mention the stunning packaging. 


Which products I recommend: 

The Kiss Me Liquid Lip Balm walks the line of high-quality lip colour and nourishing balm with ease. I love the shade ‘Charlie’. 

The Mood 4 Ever Palette gives you four stunning cool shades that can be mixed together to create all kinds of looks or a one-and-done statement.

Where to buy: 

This is available through Revolve as well as Cult Beauty, so you have options.

Hot tip: I really recommend having a little Google and seeing which brands are stocked at beauty retailers such as Net-a-porter, Cult Beauty and Revolve, as they offer a pathway for a lot of overseas products that aren’t directly available in Australia. Thankfully, a lot more brands are starting to be stocked here, but until we are able to buy every US-based beauty product we want, I can only hope this guide has helped answer any questions you have about some of the most elusive brands out there!

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This article was originally published on April 24, 2021 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature Image: Instagram/morgansskinjournal.

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