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Georgia Love was at her sister's wedding when their dad spotted a creepy man hiding in the bushes.

There’s not a lot the paparazzi won’t do to get a good photo.

It’s something us mere mortals thankfully don’t have to worry about, but Georgia Love found this out the hard way at her sister Katie’s wedding last month.

Speaking on celebrity and pop-culture podcast Shameless, the 29-year-old TV personality and Bachelorette star said they were getting ready to kick off the ceremony when their dad spotted a guy hiding in the bushes.

“The wedding was in a vineyard, and my dad actually saw the photographer hiding in the vines,” she told hosts Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews.

Georgia said they chose to keep the discovery to themselves, so as not to ruin her sister’s big day. Yep. Everything is totally normal. Nothing to see here, folks…

“I didn’t tell her about it until afterwards, ’cause we didn’t want to freak anyone out,” she added.


When she did eventually tell her sister though, Georgia said she was completely “cool” with it, and even a little excited.

“My sister, she loved it. She was like, ‘This is the coolest thing ever!’ She was very cool about it, and she wasn’t even in the photos,” she said.

But even though the day had a fairy tale ending, Georgia said it made her realise how unfair life in the public eye can be sometimes.

“It’s so ridiculous! There were bloody paps at my sister’s wedding,” she said.

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Fair enough, too. Most people aren’t keen on being photographed even when they know a camera is there, let alone when you’ve got men hiding in vines with long lens cameras at a family wedding. And we’re pretty sure he wasn’t the hired photographer.

“I know that I put myself in the public eye. That’s not something that I’m complaining about… It’s not that, it’s just going, ‘Jesus, I can’t even catch a break to go to my sister’s wedding,'” she said.

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