The Bachelorette's Fireman Cam will need facial surgery after a 'coward punch' attack.

Keen fans of season two Bachelorette hopeful Fireman Cam Cranley would have known something was wrong after he posted an Instagram photo of himself with brother Kyle Cranley yesterday.

“Sunnys on to cover my fractured face ????‍♂️ (story to follow tomorrow),” he wrote.


Sunnys on to cover my fractured face ????‍♂️ (story to follow tomorrow)

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It turns out some heartless fiend coward punched the emergency service provider (and sometime reality star) which is pretty much the equivalent of drop-kicking a puppy.

*Cue horror, disbelief and exasperation.*

Sharing a picture of his black eye on his Instagram, the fireman was left with a fractured temple, eye socket and cheek and said that he will be receiving facial surgery on Friday.


On his Instagram stories, he showed a close up of a bloodied, purple eye and an MRI scan, and explained that he was hit by an absolute stranger.

He called the move a #cowardspunch.

Ouch. Image: Instagram.

As expected, the outpouring of well wishes from fans and friends was immediate.

Georgia Love also sent her regards, and commented, "This is an atrocity, I can't even think of one Disney character with an eye patch..."

Despite the fact that we know that this year's Bachelor will be rugby star Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins, for a while there was speculation that Cam would return to the franchise, and we're a little bit sad it's not him, to be honest.

We can only wish him a speedy recovery.