Georgia Love just showed us the new hair accessory that will dominate 2018.

News just in, this is going to be the hair trend for 2018.

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it snap story, on arguably the biggest day of fashion in summer, Bachelorette Georgia Love just showed us the easiest hair trend anyone can master.

Yes, even you, person-still-trying-to-curl-their-hair-with-a-GHD-10-years-later. (No, just me?)

Giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her look for Melbourne’s Portsea Polo, the former Bachelorette and newsreader shared a picture of her simple messy pony, which her hairdresser loosely curled and then knotted with a silk scarf.

Georgia Love
Image via Instagram @georgiealove.

No bobby pins, no copious braiding worthy of a girl scout or 17 different products.

Love isn't the only one obsessed with hair scarves either. Late last year, fashion bible Vogue named them the next big "go-to summer accessory", reporting:

Regardless of the fact that Balenciaga (and seemingly the whole world) have jumped onto the scrunchie revival trend, we’re calling it: the scarf-bun combination is about to be the biggest hit of summer in Australia.

First spotted at the spring racing carnival, Vogue editors have been wearing the look in the office, adding polish (very French, non?) to their jeans and T-shirt looks in transeasonal spring.

Depending on the scarf and the length of your hair, you could also just as easily nail the trend by wearing it as a hair band - à la Pia Muehlenbeck - or wrap it around a low bun or take it back to barre class with a ballet bun.

So versatile.

Versailles was magical for more reasons than one... ???? Vlog link in bio ????????

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Keen to get your mitts on one right now? Click through the gallery below to see some fab options, or go into your nearest op-shop or vintage store for a thrifty alternative.