EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Love just busted a huge myth about Sam and Sasha's breakup.

It was the Bachelor break-up no-one saw coming: Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek, who met on Australia’s first series of The Bachelorette, called it quits just before Christmas.

Despite their manager maintaining there was “no bitterness or scandal” between the pair, rumours were rife that the pair had only stayed together for 18 months because their contract required them to do so.

Sam and Sasha split just before Christmas. Image via Instagram.

It's a rumour that Australia's latest Bachelorette, Georgia Love, was quick to put to bed during a Facebook Live with Mamamia.

"That really annoyed me, actually, was the reports that Sam and Sasha announced their split after 18 months together because they were contracted to stay together for 18 months," she told Mamamia's Katy Hall.

"I don’t know what contract they had, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same as mine...and there is no contractual obligation whatsoever to stay together two minutes after the show, let alone for 18 months.

"So, for the record, there are no contractual obligations."

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She also added that she was sad for the former couple that their relationship didn't last.

"I’m so sorry for [them] that it hasn’t worked out, but I’m also really glad that they’ve been able to go, ‘Well no, we’re a normal couple, we don’t have to stay together because we met on a TV show’" she said.

"They’re decided they’re not right for each other anymore and that’s that, that’s life."


Despite the fact her and Lee Elliot - who she chose over Matty Johnson in the emotional final episode in October of last year - are free to continue their relationship as a 'normal couple', Georgia said they do face pressure from their fans to 'stay together'.

"It’s more in a sense of people who watch us and like to follow our story and see us being so happy, literally commenting on our photos, ‘Don’t ever split up, if you guys split up love is dead, don’t let us down’...and all this stuff," she said.

"That is a bit of pressure."