A student named Ruth has devised the pettiest way to get back at her lazy housemates.

Ahh, housemate woes of strangers.

The source of the internet’s greatest content.

Bread and butter for the petty among us.

… And tales which make us entirely grateful we live with wonderful, clean people who may or may not be reading this right now (hi!).

Mamamia staff reveal the worst things their housemates have done. Post continues after.

One woman has well and truly set the benchmark for pettiness amongst housemates with her approach to telling them to take the bloody bins out, and it’s equal parts genius and insane.

(Purely for the sheer amount of effort involved).

Fed up with having to take the bin out four weeks in a row, student Ruth Came devised a hilariously passive-aggressive way to get back at her housemates for their slack ways.

She created an online survey and sent it to them under the guise of helping out with an uni assignment and that truly is dedication to the cause.

But while it sounds like the makings of some extremely tense hallway run-ins, she’s acknowledged how straight-up nuts it is, so she might actually be onto a winner.

One of the survey recipients has posted it to Twitter, and the questions really are priceless:


Posting to her housemate group chat, Ruth wrote:

“Guys can you please please please please pretty PLEEEASE do this survey for me real quick. It’ll take like 30 second and it’s on a subject that’s really close and dear to my heart. Thankeee.”

But when the housemates opened the survey she’d attached, they were presented with four simple questions and multiple choice answers related to taking the bins out at home.


Wait. Magical bin pixies aren't... real? Image: Twitter.
Ruth is saving the world one full bin at a time. Image: Twitter.
*Cue applause* Image: Twitter.

Ruth, we salute you.

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