"He peed in a bucket." Eleven people share their disgusting housemate horror stories.

Housemates are the worst, right?

Thanks to the state of the current housing market, more and more people have been forced to share a house with housemates.

And while the situation definitely works for some, there’s a lot of people out there with their fair share of terrifying housemate horror stories.

From the housemate who leaves out rubbish to rot to the housemate who likes to drunkenly arrive home in the middle of the night, things can get frustrating.

We spoke to Mamamia readers to find the most insanely bad housemate stories out there.

If these stories don’t make you feel better about your current living situation, we don’t know what will.

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The hoarder

“My roommate is a borderline hoarder – I dread council clean ups.”

The nudist

“My old housemate’s boyfriend used to walk around the house with nothing on but a towel after using the shower. He just generally hogged the living room and kitchen area too.”

The nasty surprise

“My brother’s housemate was really gross and unhygienic. He told her it wasn’t working out and started looking for someone else. She was out on one of the days he was due to be showing the room, so he went in there to have a tidy up.

“She had left a pizza box in her bed covers (which was already gross) so he took it out to the kitchen.

“When he opened it up, there was a used tampon inside.”

The thief

“My old housemate moved her boyfriend into our apartment after knowing him for a week.

“He stole stuff from our apartment and disappeared a week later.”

The fire starter

“They were drunk every night. I used to go into her room and she was passed out with the candle burning. Once she left it on all night and woke up and the walls were black from the smoke.”


The naked guest

“My housemate had a guy over and he walked into my bedroom naked thinking it was the bathroom.”

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The fire alarm

“One of my old housemates once set the fire alarm off three times in one night because she was saging her room and didn’t extinguish it properly. We lived right next to our landlords too but we had to have the front door open while we were fanning the smoke out of her room.”

The pee bucket

“My sister used to live in a sharehouse with five people. One guy lived in the attic. Instead of going to the toilet, sometimes he’d pee in a bucket and throw it off into the front yard.”

The threesome

“My old housemate had a threesome one night and I heard everything.”

The (almost) disaster

“I had a housemate who went away for a week and left the oven on. I was also away at the time and came home and the place was like a sauna. It was so lucky the whole place didn’t burn down.”

The laundry mishap

“My housemate asked if any laundry needed doing. I found out later that he’d used dishwashing detergent because we were out of washing powder…

“I smelt like pine fresh for a couple days.”

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