"She lied about having cancer." 7 women share the worst ways their friendships ended.

One of the most vicious, snake emoji-filled popstar wars ever waged in our time has been declared officially over.

Dressed as a giant hamburger and packet of fries, megastars Katy Perry and Taylor Swift embraced as though their four-year feud never happened in Tay Tay’s latest film clip for You Need to Calm Down.

It was a history-making moment.

And while we’re thrilled the madness has ended, we can’t help but look back at what caused their rift to begin with.

The two types of “work wives”. Post continues after video.

You see, Tay and Katy started out as friends. Friends who gushed over each other on social media, friends who posed in photos together at star-studded events, and friends who even attended each other’s birthday parties.

But somewhere along the way, cracks formed.

Some believe notorious bad boy John Mayer – who dated both women only a year apart – had something to do with it. Others say a career blunder, when Tay Tay’s dancers were poached by Katy, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Whatever the cause, their feud played out on a world stage for years, their friendship seemingly well beyond repair.

While now, they’ve made up and appear to have picked up where they left off all those years ago, so many of us can’t say the same about our broken friendships. The damage is irreversible.

Here, seven women share their most horrific experiences of friendships breaking down.

While none of them resulted in a highly-publicised internet feud, they’re just as intense and life-altering:


My best friend in high school sat me and a few friends down at school one day and told us she had leukemia and had to start chemotherapy.

We all kept offering to come to any appointments or help out in any way but she kept making up excuses.

In the end, she was faking it all to try and guilt her ex boyfriend into getting back together with her.

She wouldn’t apologise for lying about such a horrible thing or explain herself to me about why she did it so we just never spoke again.


When I was 12, my best friend (who went to a different high school after primary) accused me of stealing her rings out of her bag when we were at weekend soccer. She got really nasty with me and didn’t talk to me after that. I was crushed.

It wasn’t until about five years ago that she re-connected with me via Facebook and said sorry and that she regretted the way she acted. She also admitted to finding the rings at the bottom of her bag.



An old friend of mine read my messages then left a two-page letter on my bed pretending our mutual friends had told her I was “talking sh*t about her” – I didn’t find out she had read my messages until months later and that was it.


While I was living overseas my brother’s girlfriend overheard one of my closest friends from school telling a group of people at a party that I’d thrown my career away and was addicted to drugs. She called me a loser and kept saying that I’d “f*cked my life up”.

We’d barely spoken since I moved, so she really had no idea what I’d been up to overseas and I was really hurt that she was spreading rumours about me.

When I moved back to Australia I felt really lost and alone. I was embarrassed that all these people thought I was a drug addict and I didn’t know who I could trust. I confronted her about it after weeks of ignoring messages to catch up and she played dumb.

She kept denying it until we were at a wedding together recently. She broke down in tears and told me she made it all up because she’d always been jealous of me and couldn’t stand seeing me succeed. She said that deep down, part of her hoped it was all true.

We’re civil now, but will never be as close as we were.


I pulled the pin on one of my longest friendships because I realised she was toxic for me and, I ghosted her. I just stopped answering her calls, deleted her socials and blocked her.


We never spoke of it again, but she did start following me on Insta again recently, and wished me a happy birthday. It must have been mutual in some way, but I now wish that we’d had it out because how I handled it was pretty petty.


I’ve never had a huge circle of friends, but one had stuck by me through a lot since we left school.

In my early 20s I was dating a guy who treated me like sh*t. Once we were out for dinner and I went to the bathroom but when I came back, he was gone. No call, no text. He’d just left.

I rang my best friend in tears and she came and picked me up, bitching and complaining about this guy the whole way home.

I was in this toxic on-again, off-again relationship with this guy for years. It drove so many people away and caused huge fights in my family, but my best friend was always there.

I eventually met someone else (my husband!) and moved on, but a few months later, I heard rumours my best friend had started dating him! The same guy! I confronted her and she pretended she had no idea what I was talking about. She told me, flat out, that it wasn’t the same guy. That I’d never dated him. No apology, no explanation. It was bizarre.

I’d always imagined she’d be one of my bridesmaids, but I didn’t even invite her to my wedding in the end. Oh, and she’s still with the guy – they’ve been together nearly three years now.


I lived in a house with three girls, two were my best friends who were introduced through me. We partied and went out a lot. During this time I was dating a guy and one my friends was dating his friend so it was really fun to hang out. We did everything together.


Unfortunately my friend and the other guy didn’t work out and I’m not sure if that was the reason, but soon after my two friends and the other girls we hung out with all began to ice me out of the group.

It was as if one day I woke up and my friends, both whom I’d known since grade 9 and 10 (which was a long time back then), just didn’t want to be friends with me, and really really hated me. I was young and hadn’t ever experienced that kind of deep betrayal before so it cut me really really deep.

My living situation was bad, I hated being there and it was putting a strain on my relationship because now it seemed like I only had him and that my world was crumbling.

My relationship didn’t last, but slowly over time some of the girls realised how bad it was and slowly we worked on our friendship. That was until I received a call from my ex begging to come over, I declined so he let me know he’d been sleeping with my ex best mate, the one who I’d been best friends with since year 10.

I don’t think I ever fully recovered from this, my confidence definitely took a hit and I was just different after. But even though it was horrific, I wouldn’t change anything because it lead me to where I am today. Cheesy I know, but the truth!

*Names have been changed.