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The Bride & Prejudice families aired their grievances tonight, and Twitter wasn't happy.

On Monday night’s episode of Bride & Prejudice, the families of each couple were given the chance to air their disapproval openly in a group therapy session.

It was – as you could imagine – alarming to see every problematic opinion laid out in one place.

The most shocking comments came from the John, the religious father of Ange, who is in a same-sex relationship, and Hank’s father Terry, who disapproves of his “feminist, vegetarian” fiance Lily.

Rather surprisingly, however, the other families seemed the most shocked to learn of Ry and Philippa’s relationship – as Ry is 18 years Philippa’s junior.

Twitter, of course, had a lot to say about it. Here, we unpack the best reactions:

Ange and Dylan

23-year-old Ange’s religious father John strongly believes homosexuality is a sin, and thinks Ange and her partner Dylan, 31, will go to hell if they get married.

In tonight’s episode, he explained that he thinks her “fixation with women” is because she lost her mother at a young age, and he believes she just hasn’t made an effort with men.

John said his daughter Ange, who is engaged to a woman, was "fixated by women" because she lost her mother at a young age.

Among the deeply problematic comments made in the group therapy session, while he admitted to liking Dylan as a person, he commented that he "wishes Ange would wear more dresses to be more attractive to men".


Twitter responded:


In the season premiere, John made it clear that he didn't approve of Ange's engagement to Dylan, and when Ange told her father she may not want kids, he responded: "Well, that's a good thing, cause it won't f*ck their heads up".

He also compared gay marriage to incest, telling his daughter: "That'd be like me marrying my sister. It's totally wrong."

Hank and Lily

Terry, Hank's conservative father, does not approve of Lily's strong feminist opinions, nor her willingness to speak up against his bigoted views.

On occasions where Lily has left the situation to avoid an argument - Terry believes she should stay and "talk it through".


"See, I don't think Lily understands white males," he said in the session.

"You can't talk about lots of groups of people anymore," he continued.

"...Racism, homophobia, Islamaphobia... all the phobias."


His solution to Lily disagreeing with his far-right opinions?

"I think sometimes, maybe, she should be handcuffed to the table."



Ry and Philippa

39-year-old single mum Philippa and 21-year-old Ry have 18 years between them. But of course, to them, age is just a number.

Philippa's parents Peter and Gunilla disapprove of the couple's age gap, as they think Ry is just using their daughter for money, calling him a "gold digger".


When Philippa's parents expressed their disapproval at the group therapy session, the other families seemed to... agree, looking visibly shocked on learning how much older Philippa was than Ry.

Here's what Twitter thought of the reaction: