'I'm convinced my colleague is faking her pregnancy after spotting something in her scan.'

Would you fake a pregnancy just to get some time off work?

It sounds extreme, but that’s what one woman suspects her colleague is doing after a few aspects of her so-called pregnancy seemed fishy.

The woman explained on parenting forum Mumsnet that in her line of work (which she didn’t specify), being pregnant means you’re straight away placed on “light duties”. She believes this is her workmate’s motive for faking her pregnancy.

And the signs are there.

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For one, the woman allegedly said she had a miscarriage, but then said she didn’t, which was “all a bit suspicious” but no one in their workplace pressed her on it. She also has “quite a reputation” as a liar.

“She then stated last week she went for her 12-week scan and there was no baby to be found and she was to come back the next day for another scan.”

“I messaged her on Facebook following the scan to ask how it went and she said great and sent me a picture of the ‘scan’.”

This ultrasound image was the final sign that has her convinced this worker is lying.

“The scan had been pushed up to the top but had a date 12-week 2015.”

“She has other children and I was a bit suspicious so I checked her previous Facebook photos and found it was the exact scan of her previous child.”

Yep, that’s pretty damning evidence right there.


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The woman said her colleague is asking for time off work for appointments, as well as her amended duties.

“I feel as though I should go to the manager with this but at the same time, it’s really none of my business.”

She reasoned it “will all come out eventually regardless” but that in the meantime other staff members are picking up the slack.

“Would you go to the manager or just leave it?” she asked the group.

While many fellow Mumsnet users were quick to suggest she go straight to her manager to report it, others suggested she take a more sensitive approach, just in case.

“It is totally possible that she could have had some issues in early pregnancy and has been vague or given misinformation rather than divulge personal details. Personally, I would probably step back and see how it unfolds as you can’t lie about a pregnancy for long,” one user suggested.

Do you think she should report her colleague to her manager or approach her? Tell us in the comments below.