So, 'eye-lighter' is now a thing. Here's exactly how to wear it.

If there's one thing we love more than crumpets, it's highlighter

That stuff has the ability to amp up your skin's radiance by a zillion, and fool everyone into thinking you *actually* drink two litres of water every day. Ha ha ha! As if.

And while highlighter has evolved in recent years (umm... hey, heavy-handed strobing. Haven't seen you in a while), these days we can't go past the type of highlighting that gives you that K-beauty glass skin look. You know the one. That kind of dewiness that just screams 'Rich Girl Skin'.

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The newest highlighting trend slinking its way around the beauty block? Eye-lighting. 

Yes! Highlighting for your eyes! 

It's all about creating bigger, brighter eyes. Shading is taking the back seat - and the ol' smokey eye, cut creasing and bold colours are officially out (for now!).

Instead, glowy, sheer washes of colour are having a *major* moment, and we gotta say - we’re VERY on board with it. And we reckon you'll be down for it, too. 

Even you, Jessica!

Because it’s the perfect middle ground if you love colour, but don’t want to be too OTT when you're just, like, ducking into Woolies - y'know?

And we're seeing a lot of inspiration from some of the recent red carpets (BECAUSE THAT'S A THING THAT WE DO AGAIN) - with celebrities jumping on the trend.

Leading the way is that '60s inspired cool-toned eyeshadow look you've been seeing everywhere (see: Gigi Hadid at Met Gala 2021), with pale hues of blue and white giving off lightly pearlescent pigments for a fresh and natural glow.


Image: Instagram/ @namvo

Image: Instagram/ @walker_ash



The best part? It can be applied in any way you want - whether you to pair it with a liner, lashes, lip colour, or just stick to something low key, with your eyes as the statement.

Image: Instagram/ @maccosmetics

If you’re not sold on swapping out your smokey eye for iridescent lids (that's cool, that's cool), try going for a coloured eyeliner or a pop of metallic in the corners to accentuate your eyes instead.

The main thing to remember here is to just make sure you stick with icy tones, with some kind of shimmery, pearlescent goodness to it in order for it to capture the light and make your peepers pop.

If you want to level things up (omg, look at you go!), you can blend different shades together to get that kind of celestial mash up that's both bright and colourful.

Image: Instagram/ @ceciliagordon


So... are you going to give it a go?! YES?

What do you think of the eye-lighter trend? Would you try it? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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