The Slovenian couple who went on a date on stage and 7 other weird moments from Eurovision.


There are two types of people in Australia – those who spend their Saturday night watching the federal election, and those who watch Eurovision.

This is for the second type of person, who is more funny and probably makes better jokes at dinner parties.

The 64th Eurovision Song Contest witnessed Australia’s Kate Miller-Heidke performing Zero Gravity in an (Elsa-inspired?) gown in the sky, as she came ninth place with a score of 285.

The annual contest was then won by Netherlands contestant Duncan Laurence, who was closely followed by Italy and Russia’s contestants.

Formalities aside, we can all agree that things got really bloody weird and also a little bit political.

Here are the weirdest, funniest, and most memorable moments from Eurovision 2019.

The Icelandic band holding up a Palestinian flag. 

eurovision recap
Image: YouTube.

The representatives for Iceland waved Palestinian scarves solemnly to the cameras, as their results rolled in.

The move was in protest of Israel's Tel Aviv hosting the contest in 2019, despite claims, particularly by cultural figures Roger Water and Brian Eno, that Israel has violated human rights in Palestine.

The European Broadcasting Union, who organises the contest, slammed the political move, sharing the statement, "This directly contradicts the rules… the consequences of this action will be discussed."

Earlier in the show, Madonna had two backing dancers walk on the stage together, one with the Israeli flag stitched on their back and one with the flag of Palestine.

eurovision recap
Image: YouTube.

Neither political statement was celebrated by the show organisers, however many have come out in solidarity with Madonna and Hatari.


The Dutch announcer who shaded Madonna's Autotune.

Eurovision wouldn't be Eurovision without some shade, and Emma Wortelboer, a Dutch announcer, delivered exactly that.

"I am so grateful for tonight and Madonna's autotune," the announcer very casually commented on stage.


She was of course referring to Madonna's... erm, questionable... vocals when she performed.


The poor guy from Sweden when he lost.

This might not be the... funniest.

But it also kind of is.

You see, Sweden has won Eurovision six times since 1974, when Abba won the contest.


And John Lundvik, alongside many others, believed he was about to become lucky number 7 in the 2019 competition in Tel Aviv.

Just look at his face.

It turns out he was not... the winner. He actually only received 93 points.

The Slovenian couple who were basically just on a date for their whole performance.

We are all a little bit confused about this performance.


It was a first date but also a marriage proposal.

Their names are Zala and Gasper, and while they sounded amazing, we can also expect an engagement this week.

Oh and there was a kiss at the end. Sort of.

Jonida Maliqi from Albania's outfit. 

Winter is coming, and this Albanian singer dressed up for the Game of Thrones finale, we think.


Sing it, girl (no spoilers please).

In addition to all the wacky and memorable moments, there were also just so many mirrors. And Czech Republic didn't win, which was weird for everyone.

Then ScoMo won the election, and that was still the weirdest thing that happened on Saturday night. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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