"She has an... opinion." 15 things that apparently make women 'difficult to work with'.

According to several ‘industry insiders’ accomplished sports reporter Erin Molan is “difficult to work with”.

In fact, she’s a goddamn nightmare you guys.

According to the Daily Mail’s source, she talks over people (sometimes) and giggles (sometimes) while on air.

How very dare she.

If a man lived like a woman for a day. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

According to The Daily Telegraph, Erin is “feuding” behind the scenes with NRL legend and fellow commentator Andrew Johns, who apparently refuses to appear on television with her for the aforementioned reasons.

This morning on his KIIS 106.5’s breakfast show, Kyle Sandilands also mentioned that he’s been told by several people that she’s a “bit difficult.”

Don’t know about you, but ever since this story broke we’ve been smelling the stench of a big old sexism sized rat.

If you ask former professional rugby league player and television personality Beau Ryan he’ll tell you Erin is “super-professional” and he has “nothing but love for her,” which is what he told Kyle and Jackie O’s listeners this morning.

beau ryan erin molan
Beau is perhaps the only actual sporting player we've seen come out in support of Erin. Where are you fellas? Image: Getty.

If you ask reporter Riana Crehan, TV broadcaster Deborah Knight, media executive Robert McKnight, or radio presenter Natalie Peters  what Erin is like to work with - they'll shower Erin with nothing but praise (as they have had to do so on Twitter in the last few days, to drown out the trolls.)

And yet there's a pocket of the sports media world, and an even larger pocket of sport fans, who appear to have a problem with Erin despite the dozens of glowing reviews about her work ethic, dedication and kindness.

One of the favourite insults is that she "has never played the game" but neither has revered sports commentator Ray Warren who has never copped an inbox full of hate...

So your point is...?

Here at Mamamia, we had a think.

If giggling and having a conversation that on occasion means one might interrupt another  - what else could we women be doing that makes us so difficult to work with?

If that's the benchmark, then perhaps these are also reasons women are such drags around the workplace:

  1. Having an opinion that's different.
  2. Sharing that opinion.
  3. Wanting a promotion after working for it.
  4. Having babies. It's just super inconvenient for everyone.
  5. Wanting flexible working hours because of their children (how annoying).
  6. When they can't take a joke.
  7. When they must have PMS because they're so irrational/emotional/cranky.
  8. When they take jobs that are men's jobs.
  9. When they want equal pay.
  10. When they want to be respected in the workplace.
  11. When they don't smile enough.
  12. When they're bossy, which isn't okay... even if they're the actual boss.
  13. When you have to "tip toe" around them because they might get upset.
  14. When they go to the toilet too much.
  15. When their clothes are too distracting.

Unless we start hearing some real reasons as to why Erin is "difficult" to work with, we'll just be leaving that mic drop on the floor thank you.

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