The 20 best unique baby girl names, that no one else is using.

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While hunting for a baby name most parents say they want something unique. But, there’s unique and then there’s yooouuuneeeekkke, if you know what I mean.

If you’re not quite ready to rival the big names of Hollywood for weird and wacky baby names, but still want something that will stand out of the crowd, look no further. Based on Nameberry’s top 1000 names for baby girls, here are some of our best picks for unique girls names.

  1. Paloma– meaning:  dove, symbol of peace.
  2. Azaria meaning:  rose, helped by god.
  3. Trinity-meaning: three in one. Christians believe it refers to the Father, The son and the Holy spirit.
  4. Adalyn meaning: noble.
  5. Emery meaning: brave and powerful.
  6. Valeria meaning: to be strong.
  7. Londyn meaning: An Americanised version of the name London which, as we know, is a place. 
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  8. Alina meaning: to be noble
  9. Leilani meaning: heavenly flowers or royal child in Hawaiian.
  10. Emerson meaning: Comes from 'Emery's son' which means brave and powerful.
  11. Presley meaning: while many may think of Elvis, the name actually comes from Old English times and means preists meadow.
  12. Finley meaning: traditionally a boys name, Finley has become popular for little girls also. It means fair hero.
  13. Nova meaning: chases butterflies.
  14. Kinley meaning: A Scottish name which is likely an appreviated version of the sirname McKinley.
  15. Jayla meaning: one who is special.
  16. Amina meaning: one who is trustworthy.
  17. Ellianna meaning: my god has answered.
  18. Paislee meaning: A variation on the name Paisley, which is a town in Scotland and also a tear shaped design.
  19. Yaretzi meaning: An exotic name from the Aztec people. It means ' you must always be loved'.
  20. Rhea meaning: In Greek mythology Rhea was a Titan, the wife of Cronus, and the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter and Hestia.