21 of the World's Worst Baby Names, like ever.

There are certain reactions you brace yourself for upon reveal of particular baby names.

“That’s unusual.”

“How did you come up with that one?”

“Did you name them after a relative?”


Then there are those unusual baby names that can only lead to complete and total silence, or perhaps an awkward laugh because you’ve got to be joking. What they all have in common is that they are just terrible.

Here are 21 of the World’s Worst Baby Names of 2016 as voted by Reddit users with a few choice comments included.

1. Elizabreth

which easily becomes The Lizard Breath

Wait. For real? Elizabreth? Like breath? Why?

F**k man I was just about to name my daughter that. Guess we will have to go with Vicboringa.

2. Legend

for real. that’s the baby’s name.

I’d heard stories but… the legend… is real?

Honestly, when I head the name, I assumed they spelled it Lejund.

3. Aliviyah

This baby’s parents fit every trap stereotype.

Yuck. Our good friends, bless their hearts, named their kids Elivia, and Ehann (pronounced Ian).

Lol that looks like one of those weird welsh spellings.

4. Mhavrych (pronounced “maverick”)

I f**king hate, hate, hate when parents do the whole “creative spelling” thing. In almost all interactions, it doesn’t matter how it’s spelled, because you’re just saying the name. But then when it does matter, it’s a hassle to all involved, with no benefit whatsoever. There’s just that one-time benefit where the asshole parents think they’re clever when they think it up, and it’s all downhill from there.

These parents will raise the kids who get mad at the Starbucks barista for spelling their name “maverick”. “Omg how can you even get this wrong, it’s maverick with a h and a y!” Sure thing, Maverickyh.

5. Peregrine Beach

came into mine about a month ago. We spent a solid half hour guessing what the gender/race would be. I was right on all counts except one—I guessed a white male from California, whose parents are vegans and only shopped at whole foods and Trader Joes. It was a girl.

That’s my middle name.

6. Danger

I work in childcare. I could do this all damn day.

More! I want to hear more!


7. Little Sweetmeat

He must’ve been created from his father’s sweetmeat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

God please tell me you’re trolling.

that’s just like, a bad nickname, right?

8. Neveah

Neveah sounds like a bad stripper name

Every kid I’ve met named that seems like the type who will indeed someday be a stripper.

9. Cameron 

Why is this a stupid name, you ask? His last name is also Cameron.

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville’s dad was called Neville Neville.

Cam Cam!

10. North West

Saint West

Should’ve gone with Wild Wild

eh I don’t know what Kanye was doing naming his child. And what was Kim thinking letting her kid be named after a direction on a compass.

On the opposite side of the baby names spectrum are these delightful names deemed “most attractive”. Article continues after this video.

11. Beberly

Sounds like an accidental birth certificate spelling error.

Beberly hills. Rollin’ like a celebrity

Rollin’ like a cebebrity

12. Baby

I hope her crib is right in the middle of the nursery… Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

They screwed that kid out of a lot of potential jobs. President Baby. Mayor Baby. Judge Baby. Doctor Baby.

There’s a 11 year old girl in my town named Baby! She’s the youngest out of 9 so I guess they just got lazy.

13. D’Artagnan

Aramis is kinda cool tho

My husband wanted to call our first daughter Amaris, I refused and he then choose Zara :)


You ever read the three musketeers?

14. Jerica

(parents couldn’t decide between “Jessica” and “Erica”)

One of my kid’s daycare teachers is a Jerica. I also know a Jenica. She’s a bitch.

“We need more Jerica license plates in the Gift Shop. Repeat, we are sold out of Jerica license plates.”

15. Panthy

Like panty with a lisp?

No, like “Pansy” with a lisp.

Oh. Yeah. That makes more sense.

16. Merika

My initials spell USA

Whatsup Ursula Suks Asserman?

I really hope she fights and beats kids named Britin and Germini in school.

17. Marijuana

My mother had a student named Marijuana. The poor girl was clearly embarrassed by her name because she’d try to make people pronounce it another way.

I’d just introduce myself as Mary.

18. Spartacus

Well guess I’m terrible at name choosing. Poor Spartacus and Na’mean.

Imagine when they get to school, and the teacher takes attendance.

If i was the teacher. And i needed a sub. I would swap spartacus’s name with someone else. So when she gets to Jim and says Spartacus? Some kid from across the room will say…. you get it…

19. Appaloosa

Like the horse?

you just made me realize I’ve been spelling Appaloosa wrong for several years. I thought there was only one p…

Haha, take some small comfort in knowing I originally typed it with one p and reddit informed me it was misspelled and I corrected it.

20. Melanomia

Ex-boyfriend named his daughter Melanomia. Yup. Dodged a bullet.

What? Ugh

Asked him why they picked that name. Answer: “Because it sounded pretty.”

21. Colon

Kid’s gonna grow up to be a real asshole. (And/or be in the City Watch and hang out with Nobby)

Isn’t that just a different way of spelling Colin?

I know this is pronounced ‘cologne’ but clearly those parents have no idea of how to spell things. Bless their hearts.

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