When should you take a toilet break, and all your other Eras Tour questions answered.

So, you did it. You made it through the (many) Ticketek lounges and secured tickets to the Eras Tour.

And after many months of waiting, with your bracelets made and sequins purchased, the time is finally upon us. 

Taylor Swift has touched down in Sydney for her remaining four shows, after three epic back-to-back nights in Melbourne — and the Swiftmania is at an all-time high. 

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There is truly an overwhelming amount of information out there, so we've rounded up everything you need to know to survive — but more importantly thrive — during your Eras Tour experience.

Are you ready for it?

How to use your ticket.

Okay, this is perhaps the single most important piece of info you need to know. Because does the rest even matter if you can't use the ticket you worked so hard to get?

Make sure you download the Ticketek app and add your ticket/s to your wallet ASAP. You'll want to have this sorted long before you make it to Accor Stadium, just in case there is an outage, or network congestion gives you trouble.


Bring photo ID that matches the ticket too, as you may be required to show it upon entry.

If you do find yourself needing help on the day of your concert, Ticketek has already set up a customer service pop-up at the venue (it's been there since Feb 21, so you're truly sorted).


Of course, you can grab merch before or after the shows at the many, many merch stands at the venue.

But if you're hyper-organised, or hyper-keen, there are times available to grab your merch before you turn up all sequined at Accor Stadium on the night.

Frontier have released this photo of what will be available:

Image: Frontier Touring.


(Click here for a larger pic you can zoom into for a more detailed look.)

But they've left off the prices, which is where fans have come through. Tour T-shirts are $65, hoodies and sweaters $120, the tote bag and bracelet are $50, and the drink bottle and city-specific tour posters are $40.

Budget accordingly.

You do not need a ticket to a show to purchase merchandise and in all cases, supplies are limited.

Merchandise presale is available from 10am-6pm on February 21 and 22, at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Dawn Fraser Avenue outside Accor Stadium.

On show days, merch stands open at 12pm and remain open until after the show.

  • February 21-22: Sydney, Accor Stadium merch presale
  • February 23-26: Sydney, Accor Stadium merch presale + show merchandise

Parking and transport.

The TLDR here is unless you have reserved parking, take a train/bus/literally anything other than your car. 

Work out your public transport route ahead of time and make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the stadium — you definitely won't be on your own, kid. It'll be veryyyyy busy out there!


Just FYI, Blink 182 will also be playing shows across several nights at Qudos Bank Arena, right next door to Accor Stadium — be mindful of the fact that other shows happening in the vicinity will add to the crowds.

The cost of travelling to Accor Stadium via public transport is already included in your concert ticket — just show your ticket to staff when boarding — so it is by far the easiest way to make your way to Sydney Olympic Park.

There will be additional trains to Olympic Park on each event day, and all nine routes of the Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses service will run, with buses every five to 20 minutes all afternoon.

For more details, Transport NSW has created an Eras Tour information page, which you can find here.


It was the question confusing precisely everyone: are clear bags required for the stadiums, or not?

The answer is NO. Bags do not need to be clear for Accor Stadium.

You can bring one personal bag per person. It must be smaller than 'A4' size and contain no more than two compartments. Apologies to anyone who'd planned to carry a briefcase as part of their 'The Man' look, but you'll need to leave all larger bags behind.

There will not be cloaking facilities available.

And despite the bag rules outlined above, merchandise purchased from merch stands outside the venue will be allowed in.


Friendship bracelets.

Okay, here's the most controversial guideline: friendship bracelets are, of course, allowed. Taylor didn't write 'You're On Your Own Kid' for nothing.

But the venue requires patrons to wear their bracelets on their arms — or you can carry them in your one personal bag. Not in their own bag, fyi, as you can only bring in one bag.

No carabiners, d-rings or other items used to hold your bracelets will be allowed in for safety reasons.

Image: Instagram @lacunaajewelry.


What else to bring (and not bring).

Perhaps the most important thing is to ensure your phone is charged. Not only for pics, but because your tickets will only be accessible via the Ticketek app.

You may also be required to show photo ID that matches the ticket at entry.

Oh, and Accor Stadium is a cashless venue, so make sure you're prepared to rely on your cards.

You can bring:

  • Portable phone chargers smaller than the size of a phone
  • A jacket or waterproof poncho
  • Small personal cameras without detachable lenses
  • Ear plugs
  • Sunscreen (except in aerosol form!) and a hat
  • A sealed clear soft plastic water bottle, no larger than 600ml — there will be water stations to refill at throughout the venues (if you have a floor ticket, no bottles are allowed, but you will be provided a cup).

For a full list of prohibited items, click here, but to pull out a few... do not bring:

  • Umbrellas
  • Strollers/prams
  • Materials or clothing that covers the face (except for religious garments or medical masks)
  • Chains/chain wallets/studded jewellery/spurs etc — sorry, Rep girlies
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Food from outside venues
  • Metal/hard plastic/glass containers of any kind.

Set times.

For all shows, gates will open at 4.30pm.

The show will start at 6.20pm with Sabrina Carpenter's opening set. Taylor's start time hasn't been confirmed, but based on past shows and stadium curfews, she'll likely start around 7.30pm or 8pm at the latest.

The Eras Tour show is roughly three hours and 15 minutes long.

 Taylor Swift performs during The Eras Tour at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Image: Getty.


Okay, what's the bathroom situation?

The venue has listed details about its parenting rooms and accessibility, including accessible bathrooms — for accessibility details, see here.

As for standard bathrooms: there are obviously plenty scattered around the stadium.

The show is more than three hours long, and it's really important you keep hydrated (especially given the summer heat!), so think ahead about a moment you can have a quick bathroom break without missing any of your most anticipated moments (because no, surely people are not seriously going to be wearing adult nappies???)

Check the set list — unless you've managed to avoid spoilers, in which case, how!? And also, power to you — assess the nearest bathrooms when you're at the venue, and LISTEN. TO. YOUR. BODY.

Can I hang outside the stadium during the show?

Last year, huge crowds gathering outside each show to listen and soak in the atmosphere became an unofficial Eras Tour tradition.

There are plenty of fans planning to keep the tradition alive outside the Sydney shows, but just know the stadiums aren't huge fans of it, for crowd control and security reasons.


There will be no activations or screens for live concert broadcasts in the parklands surrounding Accor Stadium. Congregating in the Sydney Olympic Park precinct in the lead-up to and during the concerts is discouraged to ensure safety and security, the venue says.

Surprise songs.

You've probably heard this term bandied about everywhere, so for the uninitiated: the surprise song acoustic section comes after the 1989 era and before the Midnights era (which is the last in the show).

As the name suggests, each show features a different set of songs from Taylor's 18-year career — the first played on the guitar, and the second on the piano. Practically any song is a possibility, including the deepest of cuts, fan favourites and the live debuts of Taylor's Version vault tracks.

Each night is different and (most of the time) there's no predictable rhyme or reason. For example, in Melbourne, she played 'Red'  and 'You’re Losing Me' on night one, a mash-up of 'Getaway Car,' 'August,' and 'The Other Side Of The Door' on guitar, and 'This Is Me Trying' on piano, and then a mash-up of 'Come Back… Be Here' and 'Daylight'. followed by 'Teardrops on My Guitar. 

Anything. Is. Possible. It's just a fun little additional of chaos and surprise, and making guesses on what you think they'll be has become an Eras pastime.


Confused/concerned/worried about the crowd chants throughout the show?


Don't be. It's not a requirement!

But if you do want to join in the fun, here are a few of the main ones to wrap your head around:


This is the chant. If you only know one, make it this one.

At the very beginning of the song, after the first 'but you can make me a drink', the crowd will chant "1 2 3, let's go bitch!"

A tradition holding over from the Reputation tour, I promise it is affectionate and Taylor-approved.

@atmospheres_tampabay 1 2 3 lets go bitch! #taylorswift #erastourtampa #tsmidnightsts #delicatetaylorsversion #taylorswifttampa #erastourtampanightone ♬ original sound - Atmospheres of Tampa Bay 🦩

'Bad Blood'.

In the bridge of 'Bad Blood', after the "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes / You say sorry just for show / If you live like that, you live with ghosts", the crowd will chant "You forgive, you forget, but you never let it... Go!", a line from the song's Kendrick Lamar remix.

@grace_pretzel @taylorswift I can die happy now. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #taylanta #atayl #taylorsversion #badblood #1989 #erastour #erastouratlanta ♬ original sound - Grace

'Blank Space'.

Not to brag, but Sydney has a special chant. This is a throwback to a Sydney show being filmed for the 1989 World Tour Live film, immortalising Taylor yelling "SYDNEY!" on a loop pedal and creating a city-specific chant that fans are planning to yell during the Eras Sydney shows. Be one of them.

@suburbanlegend13 taylor swift creates the famous “SYDNEY!” chant at the 1989 world tour, 2015. . . . . #TaylorSwift #BlankSpace #Sydney #SwiftTok #Fyp #Swiftie #1989TaylorsVersion #1989 #1989WorldTour ♬ original sound - SpotifySongs
@tswift.world13 The Sydney chant for Blank Space at the theater gone wrong 💀 #taylorswift #taylorsversion #taylornation #swiftie #swifttok #taylorswifttok #theerastour #tstheerastour #tstheerastourfilm #erastourmovie #blankspace #1989 #1989taylorsversion #1989tv @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation @TS The Eras Tour Film ♬ original sound - Nik

So there you have it: your Eras Tour survival guide.

Lastly, don't forget that the most important thing is that you have fun (and scream the 'Cruel Summer' bridge, obviously).

Happy Eras era, Swifties.

Feature image: Getty.