A baby and a 'messy' breakup: The complicated private life of Emma Roberts.

The following contains details of domestic violence, which may be triggering for some readers.

Emma Roberts has remained pretty quiet amid the spotlight, even though she has a famous actress for an aunt. Not to mention the acting portfolio the 30-year-old has in her own right. 

In December 2020, Roberts welcomed her first child, a baby boy named Rhodes, with her then-boyfriend Garrett Hedlund.

But behind the scenes, there have also been some fairly messy, and allegedly violent, past relationships in Roberts' life.

Here's what we do know about Emma Roberts.

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From teen star to scream queen.

There's barely a branch of the Roberts family that isn't involved in show business somehow. 

Roberts' grandmother was legendary acting coach Betty Lou Bredemus, and her father is Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts of Runaway Train, The Dark Knight and The Young and the Restless fame. But the biggest name in the family belongs to Roberts' aunt, Julia.

Roberts has formative memories of watching her aunt work, which sowed the seed for her own career.

"My mum and I would stay with my Aunt Julia when I was really young, so I grew up on sets," she told Glamour in 2015. "I just found this old Polaroid of me on the set of Erin Brockovich, in one of my Aunt Julia's super-padded dresses from the movie, with the biggest smile on my face. I'd cry when I had to leave. I loved that it felt like camp."


Roberts' mother was reluctant to let her become an actor, but relented when she was nine.

"I said to her, 'You're not supporting my dreams!' She decided to let me go on one audition, thinking I'd see what rejection was like," Roberts told Glamour. "That was [Jonny Depp film] Blow, and I got the part."

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"I said to her, 'You're not supporting my dreams!' She decided to let me go on one audition, thinking I'd see what rejection was like," Roberts told Glamour. "That was [Jonny Depp film] Blow, and I got the part."

And she's barely paused since.

The demands of her career, which included four seasons starring in Nickelodeon's Unfabulous, meant Roberts was homeschooled between the ages of 12 and 18.

Additional film highlights include Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, Hotel for Dogs and Valentine's Day. 

Emma Roberts in the 2008 film Aquamarine. Image: 20th Century Fox. 


More recently, she's developed a reputation as one of the industry's leading horror stars, with roles in Scream 4, the American Horror Story series, Scream Queens and The Blackcoat's Daughter. 

It's a genre, she's said, that suits her nervous disposition.

"[I'm scared of] everything. Really!" she told Los Angeles Magazine. "I've always been the person screaming. I’m always freaked out: 'Someone’s under the bed!' 'What is that noise outside?' I’ve always had anxiety. Always."

But her aunt's comedy roots have also taken hold, with Valentine's Day (in which they both starred), We're The Millers, and Holidate.

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Roberts' career has also led her to relationships, including a brief one with British actor Alex Pettyfer, whom she starred opposite in the 2008 film, Wild Child

"She's a lovely, lovely girl," he told Contactmusic in 2008. "We had a spell of something that is over now, but we're on good terms. She's beautiful, she's great; we're really good friends."

In 2012, Roberts began dating fellow actor Evan Peters, after they worked together on the film Adult World. 

Their relationship, which included four seasons as co-stars on TV series American Horror Story, proved to be a tumultuous one.

The arrest.

In July 2013, a guest at a Quebec hotel phoned police to report sounds of a heated confrontation coming from a neighbouring room. 

According to TMZ, police found Peters with a bloody nose and a bite mark, and arrested Roberts on suspicion of domestic violence. Peters declined to press charges, and Roberts was released hours later.


In a joint statement issued to People at the time, the couple described the incident as "unfortunate" and "a misunderstanding".

"Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it," their reps said.

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters in 2014. Image: Getty. 

And that they did. Peters confirmed their engagement in March the following year, and they remained together — minus two brief separations in 2015 and 2016 — until early 2019.

Roberts has never spoken about why things ended between them, but has alluded to feeling pressure of being in the public eye.

"Relationships are hard enough between two people, let alone two people and the entire internet," Roberts told Los Angeles Magazine. "People say, 'Why's it so hard for celebrities to have relationships?' My answer? 'Do people photoshop their face over yours with your boyfriend?' It’s just a weird thing. Hey, I get it: When I was growing up, I was obsessed with celebrity couples. It’s just not as fun when it’s you."

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund.

Roberts was typically tight-lipped about her relationship with Garrett Hedlund, 37.

The press caught wind they were together in March 2019, after they were photographed holding hands in Los Angeles. But neither shared much about their partnership in interviews or social media.


Garrett Hedlund. Image: Getty. 


During their relationship, Roberts didn't share many photos of her and Hedlund together, except for one on Valentine's Day in 2021.

Emma Roberts on being a new mum.

In December 2020, Roberts gave birth to a baby boy named Rhodes with Garrett Hedlund.

The actor later shared a photo of her holding her newborn son on Instagram. 

"Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right. Our bright light Rhodes Robert Hedlund," she captioned the post.


"Motherhood is not something you'll always feel like you're getting right, but you will get better every day," she recently said in an interview with Violet Grey

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund's messy break-up.

According to PEOPLE, Roberts and Hedlund separated a few weeks ago following a rocky few months in their relationship.

"It's sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent. It's been hard," an insider told the outlet.

US actor Garrett Hedlund was then arrested for public intoxication hours after his split from Roberts was publicly revealed. Hedlund was taken into custody on Saturday night in Tennessee with a bond set at $2100, according to TMZ.


In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Roberts said: "I'm realising that life is highs and lows. I'm trying to ride them out and live somewhere in the middle.

"When you're low, you think it's never going to end. When you're high, you're so scared of it ending. And I’ve lived in both of those places for too long."

This article was originally published on January 27, 2021, and was updated on January 24, 2022.

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