'This product promises to reduce wrinkles in one day. Here's my verdict.'

Mamamia’s Tried and Tested series is your review of the latest to hit our desks in beauty, health and wellbeing. You won’t find any #sponsored content here, just honest, relatable and independent advice. This week, Mamamia's Beauty Editor trials Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Vitale Elixir.

Emma Lewisham is one of those skincare brands that don't do things by halves. The New Zealand-born brand is one of the leaders in sustainability, re-writing the rules around 'clean skincare' and efficacy, proving you can have natural products that are also backed by science. 

To top it off, the brand also became the world's first carbon-positive beauty brand, even receiving endorsement from iconic environmentalist and UN Messenger of Peace Dr Jane Goodall. 

Since then, it's very quickly become a cult beauty brand with a massive following. 

So, whenever Emma Lewisham launches a new skincare product, you know it's going to be huge.

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Enter: Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Vitale Elixir, $146.

It's the newest kid of the purple block — but the buzz kinda feels different. Thanks to some pretty impressive claims comparing it to 'injectables in a bottle' and its ability to smooth wrinkles in one day, the people want to know: does it actually work?

Well, I put it to the test.

What is Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Vitale Elixir?

With a blend of 25 ingredients, Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Vitale Elixir is described as a "revolutionary cosmeceutical-grade facial muscle relaxant'. It promises to smooth fine lines and wrinkles by up to 91 per cent after 24 hours and provide an "instant filling effect and rebuild the underlying skin structure for long-term wrinkle resistance."

Some PRETTY hefty claims, no?

The brand also said the claims are backed by stringent clinical testing performed by a specialist French laboratory. As per the website, the study showed Supernatural Vitale Elixir relaxed the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles by up to:

  • 62 per cent after 4 hours
  • 91 per cent after 24 hours
  • 96 percent after 48 hours

In line with the rest of the range, the product comes in the signature purple packaging (a handy pump bottle) with pink writing and a silver lid. It feels weight-y and luxe and every bit Emma Lewisham.

There she is! Looking as purple glory.


Used morning and night, the targeted treatment is meant to be applied to skin after cleansing and before your other serums, either to areas of concern or the entire face. 

As with most of Emma Lewisham's products, there's been a lot of buzz around this new launch, specifically in reference to the claims it can help smooth wrinkles in as little as a day.

So, is the Supernatural Vitale Elixir really 'filler in a bottle'? I put it to the test. 


How did you go with it?

I tried the product over the course of one week - and while it's certainly not long enough to speak to long-term results, according to the claims, you can notice a difference from the first day.

So, I was excited to give it a whirl!

Now, I'm 32 years old and while my skin is in pretty good nick, I do deal with dullness and dark spots, hormonal breakouts and perpetual dryness. I have some lines around my eyes and forehead, but they only really bother me when my makeup decided to sit and chill in them.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of it, I have to say — we need to talk about the scent. Because it was the first thing I noticed and friend, it is HEAVEN. It smells rich? Fancy? Somehow slightly nostalgic?? But ugh, I want to bottle it and have it as a perfume.

Anyway, the texture. It's creamier than I expected! It feels luxe and nourishing on the skin and not the slightest bit irritating, even on my sensitive face. We love that!

It's also recommended that you add this into your routine and build up the frequency slowly — however, I didn't experience any irritation or redness and was able to use it morning and night with no issues.

The texture!


As mentioned, it's meant to be applied after cleansing and before any other serums. During the trial, I let my retinol and AHAs sit on the bench and used this alone after cleansing and applied moisturiser over the top.

Here's what my skin looked like before trialling Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Vitale Elixir (left), after the first day of trialling (middle) and one the seventh day of trialling.

Before trialling Supernatural Vitale Elixir (left), after the first day (middle) and on the seventh day (right).


It's worth pointing out the lighting is not exactly the same in all three photos (although the last two are taken in the same spot), however if there's one thing I noticed immediately it was that the fines lines around my eyes aren't as obvious as they are in the first picture. While they're still very much *there* (especially if I squint), when I'm smiling or at rest, they appear smoother and softer.


The tone of my skin also looks brighter, plumper and more even and the texture feels more hydrated, happier and smoother (bar the blind pimple just above my upper lip - can you spot the pimple sticker?!).

The verdict?

Do you need this $146 facial elixir? No. But you don't need any skincare. 

I love this serum, like I do most Emma Lewisham products (the Skin Reset Serum is one of my favourites), and my skin truly looks and feels better using it. 

While I can't speak to the long-term results when it comes to the prevention and reduction of deeper lines and wrinkles, I can say that over the past week the formula improved my skin's plumpness and hydration and softened the fine lines around my eyes. 

My skin felt soft and smooth after each use, and the overall appearance of my skin looked healthier and brighter.

At $146, it's not the cheapest serum getting around. However, in my opinion, the quality cosmeceutical-grade ingredients combined with the science-backed trials makes this a product deserving of the hype and well worth your coin.

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Would you try Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Vitale Elixir? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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