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jeoh May 22, 2024

@armae is your appt 15mins? If yes, I do think GP’s are overcharging.

jeoh May 9, 2024

This needs to be tested by a person with deeper wrinkles. You have given percentages related to wrinkles not related to plumpness and hydration. So test with wrinkles.

jeoh April 13, 2024

@dameratunga  i agree in advocating for yourself but so many doctors dismiss women - I worked in the medical field before I had my daughter and was lucky enough to know which doctors to avoid. With your last dismissive comment, I would avoid you too.

jeoh April 13, 2024


I know quite a few people who have had it inserted woth minimal discomfort- choose a dr who listens to you.

jeoh April 9, 2024

@rosiecat rorally agree. In yrs 7-10 our dress length(summer)/skirt length (winter) was to our knees. If it was above we were told to let the hem down. No alternative.

In years 11/12 (different sxhool) we wore a kilt - we were measured by Fletcher Jones (that long ago!!) and we didnt fet to choose size or length, we were told. And back then the lilt was $485, so you couldn’t just replave it.

jeoh January 23, 2024


Did you read the article - in full?

jeoh January 23, 2024

@simple simon sadly, too many.

jeoh January 22, 2024


I was thinking that and thought that crochet was probably used very loosly.
The crochet dress I was considering was $500, which i thought was an ok price.

jeoh January 22, 2024

White tie is the most formal.

jeoh December 31, 2021


Sex ed in schools should be teaching consent and pleasure etc..
I think casual sex also has a lot to answer for this -one night stands and the like -each person is there to get what they want -there is no emotion or caring involved, so why would they put the other person first.
Yes, many men can and should do better, but on the other side, women need to stand up and speak up.

jeoh December 31, 2021

When we as females don’t speak up and don’t say what we want, how will men know?
obviously I am not talking about rape or assault here.
I wonder what would have happened had she said NoI am in pain to her then boyfriend. Yes he might have carried in verbally but would he have learnt something?
We teach people how to treat us. If we let them get away with treating us less than equal, we must own some of the blame.

jeoh April 11, 2021


Tell them that your husband has a genetic issue that means he only carries XY sperm.
And are they suggesting you cheat on tour husband and destroy your marriage to get a baby girl?

jeoh January 8, 2021


she announder her separation in late 2017.
He was not arrested until late May 2018.

You cannot assume she knew what he was doing, like most men in a position of power and wealth, their wife does not know until she knows.

jeoh December 23, 2020

Pansexual: attraction to the person regardless of gender, i.e.: gender blind.

Demisexual: sexual attraction to a person after an emotional bond is formed.

jeoh December 21, 2020


Very true.
But expecting a return of 20% to 30% is just greedy.
The higher the return, the higher the risk.
They gambled their money (yes 30% is gambling) and they lost.
Had they invested in a lower risk portfolio their money would be safe.

What she did was wrong, she should face the consequences.
what the investors did was wrong also, sadly, they will have to face the consequences.
Its sad all round.

jeoh December 14, 2020

Don’t tell her your future baby names.

Don’t show her your dress or tell her the designer or shop.
Don’t tell her any of your suppliers - cake, band, decoration or favours.
Tell her your budget but reduce it significantly so she can say she spent more - and then once she brags you can say, sorry darling you must have misheard, we doesn’t ($20k more than her!!)
petty yes, but I would never trust her again. Ever.