Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher met on a reality show. They're now proud parents.

It's happy days for Emily Seebohm and Ryan Gallagher, who have welcomed their first child together.

In a Facebook post, the couple who met on the cancelled competitive reality show The Challenge in 2022, confirmed the news with a photo of the three of them.

While they did not share any further details, comments were flooded by friends and family congratulating them on their first child.

Image: Facebook.

Seebohm and Gallagher first announced they were pregnant in July, via Instagram where the mum-of-one wrote, "We've had a little bump in the road."


While The Challenge Australia 2022 might have been short-lived, it was where love blossomed for the reality star and Olympian who competed against one another in the first and only season of the show. 

The pair took a while to verify the relationship but a mate of the couple, who confirmed they had fallen for each other on the show, also confessed they had travelled around the United States together as soon as filming had wrapped up confirmed it. 

It wasn't until a few months later that Seebohm and Gallagher spoke up. 

The Olympian shared that they were strictly platonic during filming. 

Image: Instagram @ryangallaghergram.


"Me and Ryan, obviously we were paired with each other first challenge, we won and we worked really well together," she told Yahoo Lifestyle in December 2022.

"Inside the game, we were just the people that could trust each other. Ryan had my back one hundred and fifty per cent and I had his back one hundred and fifty per cent, and that's hard to find in a game where you’ve gotta lie, you’ve gotta deceive people and you've gotta backstab people. And we just knew that from each other we weren't going to do that.

"And that’s something that doesn't come easy in life either, having someone that you can trust one hundred and fifty per cent."

Image: Instagram @ryangallaghergram.


Seebohm added that they eventually met up while they were both overseas and have since been "inseparable".

"After the show, we both met up in Argentina and we decided to go travelling together and yeah, we've kind of been inseparable since the show," she confessed. "I’m super happy. I know I didn't win the show, but I definitely feel like I won… We’re saying it’s love."

In March, the pair announced they were engaged via an Instagram post. 

Before welcoming their first child together, Seebohm got real about what it was like being days away from giving birth. 

In fact, the entire experience for her was difficult. 

"It's been awful. I just call myself Shrek these days," she told the Courier Mail earlier this month. 

The Olympian also shared that she and her fiancé, Gallagher, had already picked out a name for their new baby, due in two weeks.

"We didn't want something super crazy. We wanted something that was going to be unique," she said.

"It's crazy to think this will most likely be the last weekend as just the two of us."

Feature Image: Instagram @emcbomb/@ryangallaghergram.

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