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Absolutely everything we know about Ella from MAFS 2022.

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Married At First Sight is back and we couldn't be more excited. 

And even though MAFS has only been gracing our screens for a short week, we are already in the thick of the drama!

The MAFS 2022 contestants are a pretty spicy bunch: a Texan groom, a pro-wrestler and a bride open to "stealing another groom".

But one bride in particular that audiences are engaged with is Ella May Ding, who is now fake-married to Mitchell Eynaud. And let's just say, the sexual chemistry between the couple can be felt through the TV...

With this in mind, let's unpack who exactly is Ella from MAFS: Here's what we know.

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Who is Ella May Ding?

Ella is 27 and a beautician from Victoria. 

Described as "hot, edgy and covered in tattoos," Ella says she is quite the "alpha female" in her dating life. "I can take control and I don't mind doing it."

In a piece to camera, Ella said she hasn't been in a relationship for nine years, but she "loves love" and is ready to find someone who will be her best friend. 


Another interesting thing about Ella is that she has some pretty impressive tattoos: around 30 to be exact. Some include the word 'vixen', two people kissing on her back, a lion and some peonies on her thighs, and lots of "line work on her back that is the tree of life".

As reported by So Dramatic! the large tree of life back tattoo "was done by an artist based on intuition so only Ella can understand the meaning of it".


What is Ella looking for in a partner on Married At First Sight?

As noted in her intro, Ella describes herself as a straight talker who is unapologetic about her tendency to overshare. And as viewers have come to understand, Ella is most definitely in tune with her sexuality: she knows what she wants and sees a strong sexual connection as a marker of a healthy relationship.

And as of yet, Ella says trying to find the right guy for her has been a challenge.  

"The dating world is pretty brutal. I feel like I've tried and done it all, and what I attract is f**k boys and commitment phobias. I haven't had a boyfriend in nine years."


And while she has gone on plenty of dates and doesn't mind paying, Ella hopes to find someone who would at least be willing to contribute or show their value and interest in her more. 

"I do tend to pay for most of the dates I go on. Looking back on my whole dating life, I've probably paid for more dates than ever before. I want them to return the favour in other ways but majority of my experience hasn't really been that way," she shared on MAFS.


"If a guy likes you, you'll know about it, and if he wants to show you that he is interested you'll know about it... but in these cases it's clear that they're not interested."

As stated in her bio Ella is someone who is "extremely loyal and faithful", and is now looking for "a partner to do life with. [I'm] done with men who can't commit." Amen!

So hopefully, Ella's MAFS experience will be different. And from the looks of things so far... it's looking pretty promising (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Ella says her dream man would have "green eyes, olive skin and brown hair" while being "fit and loyal".  

Cue Mitchell.


What we know about Ella and her MAFS husband Mitchell so far.

Ella was matched with Mitchell, a 26-year-old financial planner and part-time model from the Gold Coast. 

And while drawing attention from women is something he's never struggled with, Mitchell says he hasn't spent more than two consecutive nights with a girl in his life.

Mitchell says he joined the 'experiment' to learn the tools in order to find a genuinely committed relationship, saying that while he hopes the experts will help him to find love, he was skeptical at first. 

As revealed on the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to the MAFS production said Ella was "pleasantly surprised" and was "not expecting [to be matched with] a good-looking guy".

When asked by a producer at her wedding if she felt any sexual chemistry with her new husband, she said: "F**k yeah, he's gorgeous!"


It looks like Mitchell's skepticism immediately faded when he saw Ella, saying in a piece to camera: "My heart is racing, she's beautiful. She has great energy, a great smile, great eyes."

And despite the palpable attraction between them, Ella promised not to sleep with Mitchell on the first night because of her 'three date rule'.

Ella said her three date rule before having sex with a partner, proved challenging with her now-husband. 

She appreciated Mitchell's respect for the rule, but then Ella laughed to the camera and said: "But the other half of me is like, 'why don't you just try and jump my bones? Why don't you just try and see what happens?' But he hasn't tried. So I'm like I respect you, but come on."

And for those three days, the couple appeared to be very, very, very horny. 

"Hormones were through the roof. My face was getting very hot, it was actually the way it felt at the wedding when I saw him for the first time," Ella said. "The horniness is off the radar."


After a soapy spa bath, a bum massage and lots flirting, by day three, Ella said to producers "Mitchell and I made our marriage official!"

She continued: "It was... it was really good. Yeah, it was really good. It was exactly how we both imagined it to be."

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What can we expect from Ella on Married At First Sight?

Also noted on the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to the MAFS production said Ella's "horny bride" edit was always the producers' plan.

Ella is set to be pegged as the next Alana Lister, who was a bride on MAFS 2021 known for voicing her sexuality.

The source also revealed that Ella is set to be the "feminist queen of the season" and that "she is a cross between Alana, Beck and Booka" from 2021.


But Ella herself doesn't seem keen on the "horny bride" edit. In Ella's wedding episode, there were countless shots of her licking her lips as though she was desperate to jump Mitchell - which there is nothing wrong with, more power to her!

Speaking about it, Ella said to The Herald Sun: "It sucks because there was so much more to the night than licking lips and kissing. I was also licking my lips because they were very dry and I was incredibly nervous. The deep breaths were also because I was freezing cold. 

She continued: "They were making it like I can't hold back. Hopefully, they'll show a lot more of the journey, it's so much more than sexual chemistry."


Married At First Sight is now airing on Channel 9.

Feature Image: Channel 9/ Instagram/ @ellamayding

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