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We need to talk about the most staged scene on Married at First Sight last night.

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This week, Australia witnessed two people cheating on their fake spouses on national TV.

It was weird for us.

There was a lot of lip-licking.

A fair bit of awkward small talk about… olives.

At one point Sam threw Ines on the bed and it felt like we were watching a porno that was never meant to be released to the public.

Although the experience has been deeply traumatic for all of us, we did notice something a lil’ bit odd about the whole ‘cheating scandal’.

It seems incredibly staged almost as if the producers have set this whole thing up for ratings.

I mean…. wot.


Here are the clues that Sam and Ines’ cheating scandal is the result of one very hardworking producer:

1. Ines was wearing different undies the next morning.

After their night together, which if it was a porno it would be titled Cheating On My Fake Wife With The Actual Devil, Ines was wearing different undies.

The night before she was wearing black undies.

ines mafs 2019 sam
Exhibit A: Ines in her black underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

Black undies were also spotted on the bedroom floor.

ines mafs 2019 sam
Exhibit B: Ines' black undies on the floor. Image: Channel Nine.

The next morning she was wearing white undies.

ines mafs 2019 sam
Exhibit C: Ines' white underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

It's almost as if she went back to her own room immediately after they filmed the 'throwing on the bed scene', had a good night's sleep, and then came back the next morning for the 'oops we did the sex and my wife is coming up the elevator scene'.


2. Ines' pink toothbrush was in Sam's bathroom.

If their hookup was just an 'in the heat of the moment thing' like they made out - why did Ines have her toothbrush on her?

ines mafs 2019 sam
Exhibit D: Ines' suss pink toothbrush. Image: Channel Nine.

Also, why was it pink?

It's almost as if the producers needed to plant a girly pink item somewhere in the apartment, to amp up the drama as Elizabeth came up the elevator.

3. Sam cannot act and it's sad for him.

Sam did his best to go along with the plan, but he made silly guilty eyes at the camera like he's a guest star on Home and Away.

ines mafs 2019 sam
ines mafs 2019 sam
ines mafs 2019 sam
ines mafs 2019 sam

Sam pls.

Look there's a chance that two young good looking people just decided to cheat on their fake spouses on national TV. Without any help from the producers.

But there's also a very good chance that at a production meeting someone said "We'll never beat Dean and Davina".

Then one very ambitious producer said "Hold my beer".

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