From DIY to op-shop finds: Exactly how one mum gave her daughter's room an affordable overhaul.

If there's one thing we love more than rainbow bookshelves and Marie Kondo-ing, it's a good ol' DIY hack.

And mum-of-three, Jessica Brouwer, knows her fair share of them. 

Brouwer has been busy transforming her five-year-old daughter's room with op-shop gems, Facebook Marketplace finds and freebies. And the result is epic.

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From the dreamcatcher wall hanging to one seriously impressive castle bookshelf, Brouwer has completely decked out her daughter's room for less than $500. 

"Her room has come together with a whole lot of love, some hard work, bargain finds, DIY and craft projects and a bit of upcycling," she told Mamamia. 

"We love hitting up op-shops and I’m always on Marketplace keeping an eye out for bargains and freebies that I can either fix or upcycle."


Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer. 

Here's the full list of materials she used to transform the space. 

The Chair

"The chair was a $15 Marketplace find, I gave it a little hack by removing the old foam and material and replacing it with the $6 Kmart Grace cushion."



Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer.


The castle bookshelf

"The castle bookshelf I made from leftover wood from our deck, all up it cost me roughly $80 to make including paint." 



Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer  

The dream catcher wall hanging


"The dream catcher I made - it cost me roughly $50 in materials I purchased online."

Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer.  

 The lamp 

" The lamp was a $10 op-shop find, I used a Sharpie pen to draw on the pattern. "


Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer.  

Other elements of the room


• "The bed was a Marketplace find of $50."

• "The dresser was a Marketplace freebie, the legs were broken so I hung it on the wall with some heavy duty brackets as a solution."

• "The mirror was a $10 Marketplace find."

• "The shelf on the wall was a $10 Marketplace find that I repainted to make it like new again."

• "The bedding I purchased new for $30 in an online clearance sale."

• "The rug I purchased from Bunnings for $99."

• "Most of her other ornaments, books etc were bought from op-shops for just a few dollars."


Brouwer also shared her genius Kmart hack, where she used $9 wooden wall hooks from Kmart to create a heart-shaped scrunchie hanger for her daughter.

"I took all the screws out of the back, reconfigured the pieces into the shape of a heart and then screwed them back together. So simple!" she told Mamamia.

"I hung it up with some adhesive tape in my daughter's room, added her favourite scrunchies and it’s now a beautiful feature and the perfect scrunchie storage solution! My five-year-old daughter loves it." 



Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer.  

 "It’s been a lot of fun putting this room together, my daughter has helped with a lot of the projects. It really doesn’t have to cost a lot to make a beautiful room or space."

Do you have any clever DIY hacks? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Feature Image: Supplied/Jessica Brouwer.