The $80 outfit that's revolutionised getting dressed in the morning.

Funny fact for you: I'm Mamamia's Morning Editor but not at all a morning person.

Yep. You would never find me going for a run before work, watching the sunrise or "seizing the day," as they say. I would be in my bathroom, fluffing about and listening to a podcast while doing my hair and makeup. Oh, the days.

Now, I'm up at 5am, no question. My lunch is made the night before. My makeup is done at work; and I don't care what my hair looks like from behind because I can't see it.

I also have a rotation of outfits I wear, so when I'm still half asleep, I can put one on and know I'll look presentable for the day ahead.

There's my classic black dress, midi skirt and tee combo, and a denim playsuit that I can't stop raving about or reaching for.

Here's me wearing it with sandals. Image: Supplied/Charlotte Begg.


Here's me wearing it with sneakers. Image: Supplied/Charlotte Begg.


Here's me most recently wearing it with flatforms. Image: Supplied/Charlotte Begg.

Told you I love it!

It's the only thing I need to put on in the morning, I can mix and match with different shoes depending on how I feel, and the denim is comfortable for all-day wear, surprisingly.


Also, despite sharing my work outfits on my Instagram most days, my colleagues, friends and family continue to compliment me on it whenever I wear it.

I'll caveat by saying that the downside is having to strip down whenever you want to go to the bathroom, but whatever!

Unfortunately, I bought my denim playsuit towards the end of last year so my exact one is only available in cream.

Zara Denim Playsuit (in cream), on sale for $39.95.

Image: Zara.


But there are plenty of other options. Here are my five current favourite denim playsuits.

Zara Denim Playsuit, on sale for $39.95.

Image: Zara.

Showpo Mauriel Playsuit, $89.95.

Image: Showpo.


Insight Avianna Denim Boilersuit, $129.95.

Image: General Pants.


Lee Alexis Denim Romper, $199.95.

Image: The Iconic.


One Teaspoon Logo Jacquard Prophecy Playsuit, $209.

Image: The Iconic.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Charlotte (Charlie) Begg is Mamamia's morning editor. For more beauty, fashion and homewares recommendations, read her articles here and follow her on Instagram.

Feature image: Supplied/Charlotte Begg.

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