Married at First Sight just showed us what a toxic relationship looks like. 

Over its five seasons, Married at First Sight has shown us a lot of different relationships.

Those who meet and immediately click. Those who are better off as friends. And those who just aren’t that into each other.

And the reality TV show just presented us with a different type of relationship – a very, very toxic one.

Davina and Ryan were matched together by the experts and they’re pretty much a match made in hell.

Ryan’s a laid back larrikin who’s keen to give it a go, and Davina bloody hates him for no discernible reason.

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She basically admits at the start of the episode that she’s not into the match and that she will “find something that I hate about you in about an hour”.

She’s got the ick and if she wasn’t on a reality TV show she’d probably be getting as far away from Ryan as she could.

Which is fine, completely fine, but she is on a reality TV show and she can’t get away from him.

So Davina has decided to deal with him in the worst possible way – by just hating everything single thing he does, like breathing and not eating stuff.

Within just three days of their fake marriage it’s become pretty damn toxic – and all of that toxicity is coming from Davina.

Ryan can’t do anything right and Davina really doesn’t even know what she wants him to do.

On tonight’s episode they had a fight over an… oyster.

Ryan had never eaten an oyster before and after he had acclaimed that it “looked like it’s bleeding” he tried one… and immediately dry-wrenched and then spat it out over the balcony.

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Davina was not impressed, “You make me f**king sick” she exclaimed.

“You’re being really childish, like you’re actually being a child.”

“Honestly, I can’t be here,” Davina says to Ryan, before storming off midway through dinner.

Then she tells the cameras that she just doesn’t enjoy being there with him.

“Oh this is just a waste of my time. He’s embarrassing I just don’t want to be in public with him.”

The next day after a fraught gym session together, they actually talk about their feelings.

Davina explains that she wants to be there with someone who likes her. Ryan asks what he can do to be better and Davina explains that she just wants to feel “liked and not like a mate”.

So they kind of make up and actually sleep in the same bed together… but it doesn’t last.

The next morning Davina wakes up and remembers that she hates Ryan but she’s also upset that the guy she hates doesn’t like her enough.

And this is Ryan ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

If this was real life everyone in Davina and Ryan’s lives would be telling them to break up. Nothing good can come of all this animosity, and no one should push themselves through a mountain of negativity to form a relationship.

But this is a reality TV show so we’ll have to keep watching this oyster-spitting-out train wreck for at least a few more weeks.

Good times.

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