Oh, great. The 'you-turn' is the latest depressing dating trend you'll want to avoid.

The year 2019 is upon us – and with it comes a brand new depressing dating trend. Because branding something awful that happens to you with a quirky term makes it slightly easier to cope with. Slightly.

This time the term is ‘you-turning’ and, according to Metro, it’s a playful way of describing someone who seemingly is super intensely falling in love with you, and then suddenly changes their mind and bolts in the other direction.

Just like the driving manoeuvre, someone performing a ‘you-turn’ was heading towards you and then they rapidly changed direction – away from you.

Harsh? Definitely. But it’s probably not personal.

This isn’t just someone who sends a few flirty Tinder messages then goes cold, or ghosts you after a few positive-feeling dates.

No, a you-turner was hurtling towards you at breakneck speed, possibly declaring their undying love and promising marriage, and then – without warning – completely changes their direction and leaves you in the dust.

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If this sounds a bit like the description of a “self-startler” to you, it’s because, like them, this person quite possibly has moved too quickly then suddenly scared themselves into backing out quickly.

A recent celebrity example is Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson – where (we’re speculating) Ariana you-turned away from Pete, who she had become engaged to weeks into dating. Although it’s possible for you-turns to be mutual – if you believe any break-up ever is.

So what can you do if you feel like you yourself might be about to perform a you-turn? Well, try to explain your change of mind as compassionately as possible and let that person down gently.

Making a you-turn doesn’t have to make you a bad person, just make sure the person you’re turning away from knows you’re no longer into them and can move on.

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