Oh, yipee. 'Orbiting' is the latest dating trend to ruin your love life.

Let’s all just agree to be single for the rest of our lives, because dating is actually kind of the worst.

Aside from it being awkward as hell, there are the mind games. So, so many mind games.

And now you can add one more to the list – orbiting.

So, what is orbiting, you ask? Well, it’s the next step up from ghosting. The person you’re sort of seeing pretty much vanishes from your life, except you know they’re still around. Yes, we have arrived.

According to Man Repeller, orbiting is when you’ve been flirting with someone, only to have them disappear on you, but still show up on your social media.


They’re basically keeping tabs on you without any of the commitment or actual communication.

Kind of like when a guy doesn’t respond to your text, but watched your Instagram Stories video, so you know he’s still alive… They still want to keep you in their orbit.

Yep, we’ve all been there, and it’s sh*tty.

But why do people do it?

Well, according to psychologist Dr Rachel O’Neill, it all comes down to people not wanting to commit, but still not wanting to completely cut you off either.

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“Part of this orbiting behaviour is really related to the underlying FOMO,” she told Man Repeller.

“The person might not necessarily be ready to commit to a relationship; however, there’s a concern that if they were to completely eliminate contact with you, then they might miss the opportunity to reconnect with you later on.”

And Dr O’Neill says social media has only made things so much easier for chronic orbiters.

“Social media offers a unique, voyeuristic look into the lives of individuals with whom we have even the most casual of relationships,” she added.

Thanks a lot, Instagram.