'Wear a black dress and I'll surprise you.' A woman's story of her worst date ever is going viral.

We all have our own horror dating stories, but a viral story this week has eclipsed anything we could’ve ever imaged.

Buckle up, we think we’ve found the official ‘worst date ever‘.

One woman’s terrible date experience has gone viral after her friend shared a series of WhatsApp messages which tell the story on Twitter.

The woman – ironically named as ‘Bridget Jones’ in her friends contacts – detailed how what she thought would be a sweet, romantic surprise turned into a very, very awkward nightmare.

Her date had told her to “wear a black dress and I’ll surprise you” and all was going well until he had a turn into a “weird” place.

“Then I see the sign… oh god the sign… saying… ‘Crematorium’,” she wrote.

Yeah. And this is just the beginning.

‘Bridget’, remaining optimistic, asked if he was out of petrol.

“He goes ‘Nah. Just really needed someone to come to this thing with me’.”


‘This thing’ turned out to be his grandmother’s funeral. He kept it a surprise because he thought if he told her she wouldn’t have come.

Which you know, considering this was a FIRST DATE, was probably a fair assumption.

Thinking she had no way out of it, she attended the funeral – and her friend was shook.

“YOU STAYED???” she asked, to which ‘Bridget’ replied: “Imagine calling an Uber to a funeral home.”


She ended up staying for the entire service – throughout which her date was holding her hand and crying – and met his mum.

“He cried and I had to comfort this total stranger as he said hello to family,” she wrote.


The woman made him take her home before the wake, but it turns out the funeral wasn’t even the worst part of it all.

She was just a back up option.

She explained that the man’s girlfriend had left him a few weeks before the funeral and his family had been looking forward to meeting her “so he looked for someone to fill the spot”.


We have no words.

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