"Are you serious?" Ryann sat through an awful Bumble date, then got a brutal text message.

Bad dates.

Anyone who’s tried using a dating app to meet someone would have had some doozys.

I’ve had my fair share, and I’ve heard stories from girlfriends that have made me cringe, gasp and cry with laughter.

But I’ve never heard one that has horrified me as much as this tale from a woman in the US, which she revealed in a series of viral tweets.

When Ryann Miller met with her Bumble match Brandon for a drink, he did not make a good first impression.

As her jaw-dropping story below goes: while he tucked in to three beers and a steak dinner, she found him rude and judgmental and was disgusted by how he spoke to the waitress.




It was looking pretty bad already…But it gets much worse.

As she sat there, alone in the restaurant, her phone buzzed to message from her date.


He’d…ghosted, not only calling her “fatty”, but leaving her with the $50 bill.


Then, because who on earth would want to fork out the cash to pay for a steak they hadn’t eaten, for a man who had just abused them by text and left them alone in a restaurant, she approached the waitress to see if there was anything she could do.

She said no, probably because she was sick of all customers after being abused by Brandon herself, and two friends came to the rescue to help foot the bill.


After the date, Ryann discovered Brandon had an Instagram account full of racist, horrible posts.

Using her experience as a cautionary tale to single women everywhere, she posted these powerful words of advice:

Or you could just delete all dating apps, stay inside and never, ever leave the house again because the dating world is brutal and I’m not in a financial position to pay for some guy’s steak.