Here's why the "dad sneakers" trend needs to stop immediately.


When you hear the term “dad sneakers”, what do you think of? Is it chic supermodels or your actual dad?

Thanks to Balenciaga’s ‘innovation’, there is a particularly ugly (for lack of a better word) trend emerging among supermodels and celebrities alike, and it needs to stop immediately.

While the trend may have started as edgy with Balenciaga and Calvin Klein jumping on board, it has slowly trickled down into chain stores, and we’re sensing that the irony behind the trend is fading and that people are actually wearing them now.

Just now, when I googled “dad sneakers”, I was greeted with a photo of Adam Sandler wearing ugly shoes.

dad sneakers trend
Exhibit A. Image: Getty.

Those ugly shoes are frighteningly similar to pairs seen of Gigi and Bella Hadid, alongside Kendall Jenner, and this is where the problem arises.

They are not a "hot take" or "reinvention" of dad sneakers, they are literally just dad sneakers.

Dad sneakers actually look like a pair of shoes our fathers might wear in a very un-ironic way.

They are often paired with a pair of chic flared pants, or a cute dress.

dad sneakers trend
Noooo. Image: Getty.

They are big, chunky, colourful, and don't compliment outfits in any possible way. If you need any more convincing, consider this:

dad sneakers trend
NO. Image: Getty.

These shoes look almost identical to the pair that John Howard wore on his morning walks in 2007, and if that isn't a sign you should walk away from this trend before it starts, then I don't know what is.

What do you think about dad sneakers? Tell us in the comments!

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