CULT BUY: "The $39.95 sneakers I love so much, I bought two pairs."

I’ve always been drawn to the colour pink in all its glorious shades.

So no one was more excited than I when blush pink came sweeping into fashion. You can be sure I am riding that trend for as long as it lasts — I’ve bought blush blouses, jumpers, pillows, dresses and beanies.

When I saw $39.95 sneakers in a pinkish, not-quite-blush hue in a Rubi Shoes shop window, I thought ‘why not?’

Little did I know they would become my go-to footwear, taking over as the shoe that goes with everything. (Well, almost everything – I wouldn’t wear them to a black tie dinner.)

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A major reason is the colour, mostly referred to as nude (though I recognise it is not the colour of many people’s skin). It’s a neutral, like grey, black, white or brown, but somehow better — while each of these colours goes with most things, these shoes go with everything.


I’ve worn them with jeans, black, navy and patterned pants, skirts, dresses and shorts. It doesn’t matter if my bottoms are dark or light, cropped or full-length – these shoes work.

Their versatility is also due to the smooth, matte finish and chunky style. It makes these sneakers a step up from your canvas casuals, yet they don’t look like active footwear either.

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They’re also comfortable, as all good sneakers should be. So comfy I’d been wearing them most days — including to a footy match, where I’d been forced to walk through grass and mud and dirty them in the process. The grime washed off perfectly fine (although the laces look a little worse for wear), but it occurred to me that at some stage, these shoes were going to wear out. And I did not want to live in a world where these shoes were not in my life anymore.

Alas, when I went to Rubi Shoes to buy another pair they were no longer in stock.

Thankfully, I have the happy job of telling you, dear readers, the shoes are back. I made the happy discovery when I visited the store earlier this month, promptly purchasing another pair.

"I snapped up a second pair." (Image supplied.)

After expressing my excitement that the shoes were back to the sales lady in store, she told me they had sold out the last time. It seems I'm not the only one loving these sneakers.

Now, I can continue to wear the sneakers (almost) every day, reassured I have a back-up waiting in my wardrobe.

You can grab a pair of Cathryn Sneakers in Nude here or at Rubi Shoes stores.

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?