All the creepiest things kids claim to remember about their past lives.

Remember that line in The Sixth Sense, where the strange little kid whispers, “I see dead people”? Of course you do, because it scared the living daylights out of you.

Now imagine that’s your kid uttering a creepy phrase or disturbing story about being reincarnated. I would immediately run and hide under my doona.  

Parents and relatives of little ones have been recounting the creepiest things that children have said about their past lives, and they will Chill. You. To. Your. Core.

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Take Dan, whose three-year-old son recalled in intricate detail the day he "died".

"He started telling me about his old house. He described a green kitchen, a big yard, and then started telling me about his driveway, but stopped. I asked him what was the matter, thinking it was his imagination, and he told me that's where he died. Taken aback, I asked what he meant, and he calmly told me that's where his old dad ran him over," Dan said. 

"'It was an accident though Dad, so it's okay,' he said. For some reason, that sentence was the creepiest thing I've ever heard a kid say."

Mark’s son was the same age when he began telling little snippets of his past life as a woman named Rosa. 

"He would tell my wife and me, 'When I was Rosa, I was an assistant.' I have no idea how he knew that was an occupation. 'When I was Rosa, I rode on the back of my boyfriend's scooter.' But we didn't know any scooter riders. 'When I was Rosa, the iron set fire to the curtains in the kitchen.' Our kitchen had venetian blinds." 


Jodie says the supposed ‘recollections’ of her son’s past life started young, when he was only about 18 months old.

"Our son spoke really early… he told us he missed his other mum and his older brother, but he couldn't go see them because they wouldn't know it was him, he was too young. We asked him why. He told us he was going to the shops on his motorbike, to get a sandwich, he hit a dog, and came off and died. And he loathes dogs, often told us things about motorbikes he couldn't have known and used to mutter under his breath, 'stupid sandwich,'" Jodie said.  

Erm, okay.

Over on Reddit, thousands of people have shared the creepy things their kids, or children they know, have told them about the life they used to live. 

Some are eerily vivid, like the 'memories' this person's nephew had of his previous life and family. 

"I used to watch my nephew when he was about three or four. One day he was at my house and pointed to a magnet of Arizona – it had a picture of the desert with rock formations. Kid pointed at it and asked where it was. He said he used to live by 'red rocks like that with his first family' who all had straight, dark hair (his is blonde and curly... now) and that he had a mum and a dad and he had had a brother until he went too far into the desert, too close to dark, and got eaten by 'not dogs, not wolves, but smaller'", they wrote.

Another Reddit user shared: “My little brother was born just after 9/11. When he was a toddler one time, he went on about how he used to work in a tall building and wore a suit and tie. Freaked my parents out.”

Alleged war-time tales were another fairly frequent story among young children.

"When my son was about three, he told us how he remembered being a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. This was in 1998," said one user.


Another chimed in, "When he was three or four, my little brother said, 'When I was a grownup, I went to war and I never came back.'"

Other children's stories were enough to make their sceptical parents believe in the supernatural…

"When our son was maybe three or four, he described his life as a ballerina on stage – from the lights, to the music, to the applause. His next words chilled me to the bone: 'I was at a party on a boat, and I fell into the water, then POOF I was here.' I asked him to relay the story when his father came back from a business trip a couple weeks later, and it was identical. After that we never discussed it again."

But don't worry, not all 'past life' stories sound like they’re straight from a Stephen King book!

This Reddit user found their child's claims more amusing than scary: "When my son was three, he told his mum that he was a cosmonaut the last time he was a grown-up. Not an astronaut, the Russian version. We're 99 per cent certain he hadn't heard the word before."

Although, this kid's Russian tale was a tad more disturbing: "Son was two. Was reading him some educational flash cards when Russia came up on one. He then told me he used to live there, described the horses, the life, the land. Extremely descriptive for a two-year-old. Then he turned to me and said, 'Dad, you were my brother.'"

And others just make you think that maybe you've just got a child genius on your hands!

"My coworker has a son who, when he was about three, told her he used to grow rice and lived in a place where two rivers met. He was able to name the rivers, and she located it on a map of East Asia. Pretty wild." 

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