The very creepy tale of the ghost that haunted the Mamamia office.

I am fortunate enough to have never been haunted by a ghost, but that could be because I never set foot in the old Mamamia office.

According to my colleagues - and urban legend - the office was haunted by ghosts.

And even since then, Mamamia staff have had many unexplainable eerie and spooky experiences. It's left us wondering why we've been so susceptible to some eerie encounters.

The team tell us the stories of the ghosts that haunted the old office, and the ghost encounters they have had since. Be warned: spooky stuff ahead.

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'People could hear strange voices, new equipment would stop working, doors would slam shut.'

"Many staff who worked in the old Mamamia office were convinced it was haunted. People could hear strange sounds, that sometimes sounded like people talking, and they would often be heard only late at night. 

"Brand new equipment would sometimes mysteriously stop working. Once all the office doors slammed shut, one after another in perfect sequence, even though all the windows were closed and there was not a hint of wind. Apparently sometimes the ghosts would also be brought into the building by staff. 

"One day we had a medium in the office and she chased me through the halls after she was finished filming. She said she had been debating telling me something but had decided that she had no choice. She asked if I had anything new attached to my body and after a bit of back and forth I mentioned I had just had new hair extensions put it, which were real human hair. She said she could feel a presence attached to them, that could turn slightly unpleasant. 


"Since the hair extensions were expensive, I had to keep them in for another six months. I don't really believe in ghosts but my colleagues who sat next to me said they could feel something lurking until the extensions were removed." - Laura Brodnik, Mamamia's Head of Entertainment.

'You had a ghost visit last night didn't you?'

"Okay so for context it's just my mum and I at home. One night last year we heard a bang in the corridor. At the end of the corridor we have a display table which has a large, heavy candle in the middle of the table. The large bang had been the candle falling onto the floor, around 2am ish. It absolutely scared the sh*t out of my mum and I, because it was really random, and the candle had been in the middle of the table so it wasn't like it was teetering on the edge! 

"We triple checked the whole house, no intruders, phew! But there was so little that could rationally explain it. I was working at a magazine at the time, and we had a resident psychic. The next morning, without any prompting from myself, she came up to me at work and said: 'You had a ghost visit you last night didn't you?' When I got home, I saged the hell out of the house, I had no idea how to react!" - Isabella Ross, Mamamia's Senior News Writer.

'She saw the same ghost on the same night.'

"My mum lived in Japan during the '90s in a five-story apartment building. She was level three, her boyfriend was level one and her best friend level two. Weird things would always happen in each apartment, but especially level one. 

"They would go to sleep and start hearing footsteps inside their own apartment and above. Because they knew each other they would know when no one is on level two was home, and even when no one was there they would still hear footsteps. It got to the point where furniture was being moved, windows were being opened and appliances were being turned on. All at night and only on level one would things move. 


"One night my mum woke up to a woman standing over her bed. She always says it was a very peaceful encounter, she didn't feel scared and wasn't shocked. She actually felt protected. The women just stood and looked and mum went back to sleep. She went to tell her best friend and boyfriend the next day and her best friend HAD THE SAME STORY AND SAW THE SAME GHOST ON THE SAME NIGHT, AND neither of them were scared of her. They later found out after a year that the apartment building was built on an old graveyard." - Olivia James, Mamamia's Social Media Producer.

'The chairs were placed back on the floor. I was home alone.'

"When cleaning the house I always place the chairs on the dining table to make it easier to vacuum the floor underneath. So one day when I was cleaning I placed the chairs on the table and left the dining room to continue cleaning the rest of the house. 

"But when I came back into the dining room, the dining chairs were placed back onto the floor. I was home alone. I thought maybe I had just forgot that I put the chairs back on the floor. But then again one day I was cleaning the house and left the chairs on the table, left the room, came back and the chairs were placed back on the floor... Still home alone. Then this kept happening again and again and again. Every time, I was home alone." - Chelsea McLaughlin, Mamamia's Senior Entertainment Writer.

What's your creepiest ghost story? Let us know in the comments below.

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