CULT BUY: The $5 Cotton On slipper socks so comfy, I wish I'd bought more than one pair.


Anyone else’s feet starting to feel a bit chilly lately?

You’re not imagining it. Across Australia, evening temperatures have started to drop, which means it’s time to bring out your trackies, long sleeve pj tops and the grubby chocolate-stained hoodie you’ve been wearing every winter for at least a decade.

As for your tootsies, I stumbled across a life changing (OK, more like toe-changing) pair of slipper socks that are SO GOD DAMN COMFY.

They’re called the Rubi Slipper Socks and, guys, they’re ONLY $5.

cotton on slipper-socks
These are my leopard slipper socks and they're THE BEST. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.
Never taking these off. Well, except for when I shower. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

Basically, the Rubi Slipper Socks are, as the name suggests, a hybrid product featuring the best parts of thick, snuggly socks and fleecy slippers.

They also come in seven patterns: leopard, snow leopard, zebra stripes, pastel stripes, baby pink with black spots, navy spots and grey with fluro stripes.



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Let me count the ways I freakin adore these slipper socks:

  1. They're nice and thick and don't let even a lick of cold winter air in.
  2. The inside of the socks are lined with really soft fleece for extra warmth.
  3. The socks have grippy silicon pads on the bottom to stop you sliding all over the tiles or floorboards.
  4. They're $5.
  5. I particularly enjoy the many animal prints – leopard, snow leopard and zebra stripes.
  6. You can roll the tops of the socks over so you don't wake up with an imprint around your ankles from where the elastic has cut into your ankles.
  7. They're $5.
  8. They were originally $12.99. Did I mentioned they're $5 right now?

Be warned, there is one downside – whatever is on your floor (i.e. dust, fluff and your own hair) will end up on the bottom of your sock slippers, but I figure that's pretty much what happens with all socks, right?

Aside from that, my only regret is not thinking to buy more than one pair of the socks.

Rookie error.

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