CULT BUY: The $32 nursing top that's stylish but practical enough to get the job done.


There are a lot of… logistics that come with breastfeeding a small human.

Aside from figuring out if you and your baby are physically able to breastfeed (some mums won’t be able to and that’s completely OK), there’s a number of factors to take into consideration, among them:

  1. Where to breastfeed in public without offending anyone (heaven forbid) with the sight of your breast literally giving life.
  2. How to breastfeed – does the baby know to latch onto your nipple, and how does milk come out?
  3. What tools do you need to breastfeed?
  4. If you’re out and about, how does one get their boob out without lifting up their top and showing off their tummy?

And so on and so forth.

This post isn’t going to help with points one, two or three (but it can point you in the direction of some very helpful breastfeeding resources here, as well as this video below which answers just a few of the questions you might have about breastfeeding).

Video by MWN

But what we can do is give you a hand with the fourth question. The answer is nursing tops.

Nursing tops (and dresses, they come in dresses too) were created to solve the problem of not being able to easily and discreetly access your breast when your baby is in need of sustenance. Some feature a two-part design with a flap you can pull up when you need and smooth down when you don’t. Others clip open and close.

The only thing is, some nursing tops out there are a tad frumpy, which we’re not sure is a word any new mum would much like to be associated with, nor deserves to after giving birth.

Side note – if you’re going through the ‘battle of the book’ or are preparing to possibly breastfeed in the future, Mamamia’s Year One podcast will help you through all the breastfeeding scenarios, including when it just doesn’t work. Post continues after audio.


That’s where we come in, because we’ve found a nursing t-shirt we’d actually wear whether we’re breastfeeding or not.

Introducing, the Mamalicious Nursing Stripe Jersey Tee.

Available on ASOS in a two-pack for $64 (one white t-shirt with black stripes, and one navy t-shirt with white stripes), the classic striped t-shirt with a built-in nursing design feature is made from organic cotton so it breathes and feels nice on your skin, and elastane to stretch where you need it to stretch.

Oh hey, comfy and stylish breastfeeding top. Image: ASOS.
Looks like a regular, lovely striped t-shirt... Image: ASOS.
.... BUT with a super handy feeding design feature. Image: ASOS.
Image: ASOS.

The bit that's really exciting though is the scoop neck double-layer design, which you can pull up to easily expose your nipple and feed anywhere comfortably.


This Mamalicious design also comes in two other breastfeeding-friendly designs:

The Mamalicious Nursing Stripe Singlet Two-Pack, $60, which is great for under a snuggly jumper or chic coat in winter, and the Mamalicious Nursing Stripe Long Sleeve Top Two-Pack, $70, for when it's too hot for a jacket but too cold for a t-shirt.

Here's the singlet design, especially great for warm weather breastfeeding. Image: ASOS.
And the long sleeve is great for winter, so cosy! Image: ASOS.

Stripes are also one of the most fail-safe patterns out there in terms of getting dressed in the morning on minimal sleep/in the dark/with an infant in the background screaming what you assume is baby language for your name.

Navy stripes, in particular, will always feel effortlessly sophisticated and go with almost anything. Chuck on one of these nursing tops with jeans, high-waisted pants, pleated skirt, under a loose-fitting slip dress or with track pants... whatever you want, really.

And, because they're $32 each, it kind of doesn't matter if you get sick or baby poo on it. Bonus!

Do you have any great nursing fashion recommendations? Tell us in the comments below!