Cotton On’s released the curve range we deserve, and you're going to need this $35 slip dress.


In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to talk about ‘curve’ or ‘plus size’ fashion ranges anymore.

Small sizes, in between sizes and large sizes would hang out together on the racks, and the plus size label wouldn’t exist.

But we’re not there yet, which is why women like me, who wear jeans with a bigger number on the tag (or not at all), are allowed to get excited when our favourite brands start making clothes in our sizes.

This week, fashion retailer Cotton On dropped its first dedicated Curve range in sizes 16-24. Previously, the brand sold some of its popular items (that infamous $35 silky slip skirt, anyone?) in extended sizes.

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But this is different, because never before has a woman who identifies as above a size 16 – the average Australian woman – been able to walk into Cotton On, grab a skirt and have it actually fit their body.


The current collection is all about great basics that fit.

Like the three styles of $60 high-waisted jeans made from stretch and recovery fabric that’ll work with your lovely butt, rather than try to cut it off or let it slip out the back. Choose from the Curve Taylor Mom Jean, Curve Adriana High Skinny Jean and Curve Ashley High Jegging.

And the $20 Curve Graphic Tees in eight fun colours cut to fit your boobs and arms so you can wear the oversized baggy t-shirt look without having to size waaaay up.

Finally, some mum jeans that won't give you a camel toe. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
They will make your butt look even more epic. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
How great do these skinny jeans look?! Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
These feature a tapered waist to follow the shape of your bod. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
These jeggings look comfy AF. And the graphic tee, too. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
Why yes, yes I am sweeter than honey, thanks for the reminder. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.

There are also TWO $35 midi skirts to choose from in FIVE different colours: the Curve Drape Skirt, an absurdly flattering satin drape skirt that skims over your hips, and the Curve Gathered Skirt, an A-line midi skirt with a handy elasticised waist for eatin' and just generally being comfortable.

Oh, and these $40 Curve Rolled Hem Chinos come in black, khaki and navy and I can see myself wearing them all winter with sneakers, boots or heels.

This navy daisy print is nice too. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
This silky satin slip skirt is SO GOOD. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
Comes in a very versatile black for when you're feeling monochromatic. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
These chinos were made for revenge manspreading. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.

But the piece I'm particularly excited about is this $35 Curve Slip Dress that is going to look SO GOOD in winter with a long-sleeve high-neck skivvy, a t-shirt and a denim jacket, or a trench coat if I'm feeling fancy.

The print is a golden burnt orange with an intricate navy and white spot, and the satin finish makes it look more expensive than it is. It's also going to have room for your boobs and then skim over your hips and bum, so you won't need to sacrifice a flattering fit on either the top or the bottom.

This is exactly how I'd like to spend my weekends. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
This orange navy print is bloody cool. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.
Here she is in full length, can't wait to get it on my body. Image: Supplied/Cotton On.

Of the new range, Cotton On Curve’s Creator Bianca Kaoustos told Mamamia, “We have been developing the range over the last year making sure that every pattern, fabric and technicality of each piece was deliberate."

"The range offers the signature Cotton On trends with a curve girl fit so that she not only feels comfortable but is also on trend."

Now we've looked at the nice clothes, let's circle back to the debate on whether we should give brands a pat on the back for bringing out curve or plus size ranges, or if it should be something they just do without making a fuss...

Sure, I hope that one day, all brands will stock clothing items in small numbers and double digits, and plus-size models will be models. But that day isn't today, and for those of us who struggle to find on-trend clothes that fit our bodies and budgets, Cotton On's Curve range is a win.

Because at the heart of this discussion are women who just want to wear cute slip dresses, denim jackets and a nice pair of jeans, that we're entitled to.

You can shop the Cotton On Curve collection now online on the Cotton On website.

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