The $35 Christmas skirt everyone will be wearing this festive season.


Okay, so there’s a very strong chance you, your cool aunty and your 15-year-old cousin will be wearing the same outfit on Christmas Day.

…BUT WHO CARES?! We’re talking about a $35 skirt that looks like it could be from the designer section of The Iconic, people!


So prepare to whip out your phone for the inevitable “who wore it better” Insta post before you load your plate up with ham because this is the one.

Here’s the lowdown:

Everyone’s jumping on board the silky-slip skirt bandwagon at the moment and why not?

They’re flattering, they’re feminine (but midi length so you don’t have to shave your whole leg), and oh-so-versatile.

Chuck one on with a plain t shirt and pair of sneakers for weekend brunch vibes.

Or sling on some strappy heels and a slinky top for a night out.

OR grunge it up a bit with a band tee and boots.

However you choose to wear it, you’re guaranteed to look effortlessly fashun, cool, hip, “with it” – whatever.


(It’s basically the summer version of a pair of black skinny jeans – they go with literally anything, and can be worn every day of the week and still look different. Yes please.).


SO imagine our utter delight when we discovered the wizards at Cotton On have created a version of the silky slip skirt for $35.

We want to look like this pls. Image: Cotton On.


We're already sharing which prints we've chosen to avoid any double-ups at the office Christmas party.


Here's what we love about it:

  • It hugs in at the waist and then follows the curves of your body, so it's really flattering
  • It doesn't have an elastic-band waist, which means you can fold it to adjust the length
  • The material is silky not cotton, so it's breezier, thinner and therefore less bulky
  • It comes in nine different colours and prints. Yes, NINE, including the polka-dot dream skirt below (For more ways to wear spots this summer, click here.)
  • IT'S $35
Look how happy this woman looks wearing it. JUST LOOK!
Here it is in olive. We love.
You could even be a Christmas snake.
We are sold.

On the Cotton On website, it  tells us we can "move and groove" in it too, so it's perfect for the sacred tradition of dancing on the dining room table with your granny after one-too-many glasses of bubbly at lunch.


(Doesn't everybody's family do that?)

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