The beautiful meaning of Constance Hall's baby's name.

Constance Hall has called her newborn baby Raja.

That’s what my mum calls me – because in Hindi, Raja is used as a term of endearment. In fact, when I called her to tell her that a celebrity has named their kid Raja and how nice is that, she ended our conversation with, “Speak to you later, Raja.”

So actually, whilst it may appear that Hall has chosen a somewhat alternative name, Raja really is the sweetest word for her littlest son.

Hall’s most recent pregnancy has been especially treasured by the writer as her “last ever baby bump“, which is how she captioned a photo on the day before she gave birth. Hall also wrote an open letter to her bump, explaining to it, “I simply cannot wait to sniff you tomorrow.”


Hall, already a mum to Billie-Violet, Arlo-Love, twins Rumi and Snow, and step-kids Zeyke and Sunny, has a tradition of being non-traditional in the naming of her kids. This is why it’s fitting that she and Raja’s father, her husband Denim Cooke, have chosen a name that is meaningful in a language other than English.

Hall is famous for her alternative and fresh approach to life and parenting, earning herself the nickname ‘Queen’ with a tribe of ‘queens’ who follow her, and so it also makes sense that she seeks meaning outside the traditional realm of thinking. It’s a beautiful blending of cultures. I personally love thinking that such a special Hindu word will be used in the Hall/Cooke household on a daily basis.

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Here’s what Raja means in different languages:

In Hindi: it means King.

In Hebrew: it means royalty or aristocrat.

In Arabic: there are two meanings, depending on whether the child is a boy or girl. For a boy it means optimism, and for a girl, it means hope.

And whilst Raja may seem like an unusual name in Australia, it and its derivatives such s Rajah, are a very common name in those cultures.

My own sister, for example, is Raji – and yes, she has tickets on herself, accordingly.

Hall’s little Raja has already earned his place as King of the family; a name which is entirely befitting of the youngest son of a Queen.