Constance Hall has written a moving letter to her baby, one day before they meet.

Perth-based author and blogger Constance Hall has shared a heart-warming letter to her unborn baby, who she will meet tomorrow.

On Sunday night, the 34-year-old entrepreneur and mother-of-four wrote on Instagram: “Dear baby in my belly. Tomorrow we get to meet you. And here’s a couple of things I want you to know. The minute your dad and I got together we knew you were coming, we talked about you, joked about you and even picked out some names.”

Earlier this month, when she was 36 weeks, Constance announced on her Instagram that she and her husband, Denim Cooke, have chosen to have their baby delivered via elective C-section, out of fear of prolapse.

“Your dad told me he’d had a sign from the gods… I smiled, took another sip from my wine and proceeded to comb out his dreadlocks.

“We don’t know anything about you, you might be wild and challenging of everything society throws at you like us or you might wear a suit, brush your hair and get four degrees.”


The mum said it didn’t matter whether her son is “a tough and tumble sporty boy” or “an emotional artsy person”, adding: “You might even decide you don’t want to be a boy.”

“We don’t care. We just want you. But what I do know is that last night your dad told me that the hardest park [sic] of this extremely painful pregnancy for him has been watching me in pain and not be able to take that pain away from me and swap it for himself.”

This baby will enter a household of two dogs, six siblings, and two adoring parents.


Constance finished her letter: “Your place, for the time being, is in my arms. And I simply cannot wait to sniff you tomorrow. Mum.”

In an interview with Mia Freedman for No Filter in April, Constance Hall said that her husband Denim Cooke and she had discussed having children before she fell pregnant.

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“We were sitting in a winery in Margs [Margaret River],” Hall recalls, “and I said, ‘when we’re 70, and we’re looking down at all of our kids, won’t we always wonder what ours together would’ve looked like?’

“And [Denim] was like, ‘when you put it that way, yeah, you’re right.’”

Give birth Like a Queen, Constance. We’re wishing you and your big, beautiful family all the best.