US Bachelor fans have completely lost it over this year's choice. And not in a good way.

The announcement of the next Australian Bachelor or Bachelorette is one of my favourite times of year apart from the actual finale of the show, and I don’t even care how sad that sounds.

Well across the pond in the US there has been a very different reaction to this year’s Bachelor announcement.

US television network ABC yesterday revealed retired NFL player Colton Underwood as the season 23 rose distributor, and America has officially lost it.


Well, mainly because it’s his third time on the show.

Underwood first appeared on Season 14 of America’s The Bachelorette, where he famously opened up to Becca Kufrin about being a virgin.

The 26-year-old left the show in the final four and went on to appear on Season 5 of The Bachelor in Paradise, which is currently running in the US. He was eliminated on Monday night after a brief romance with contestant Tia Booth.

During his time on both Bachelor instalments he was very outspoken about the fact that he’s a virgin, and the fact that he’s never had sex, because – yes – he’s a virgin.

People aren't feeling perpetual Bachie Colton Underwood.

He told Good Morning America that he's "ready to settle down" after lucking out twice in the franchise and said he's "looking forward to being engaged and getting married shortly after that". We bet.

A source from US television network ABC said the 'Virgin Bachelor' who loves puppies was the "safest pick" because he "screams wholesome, middle America".

Well that sounds...terrifying.

Twitter obviously exploded after the announcement, with fans of the show complaining that Underwood has been boring to watch on television, and criticising the network for using the virginity card as a ratings grab.

Here are some of the best reactions:







His Bachelor in Paradise fling Tia Booth even weighed in:

Mate, just get on Tinder.