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A thorough investigation into what actually went down between Ciarran and Renee before Paradise.

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Last night, the Bachelor in Paradise dinner table looked like something straight out of UnREAL, or actually... just Australia's trashiest, most dramatic reality show Married At First Sight.

There were apologies and people storming off. There was sh*t stirring courtesy of Timm, and plenty of yelling about BALI, CHEATING, NIRANGA and THE TRUTH.

Ciarran's ex-girlfriend Renee enters Bachelor in Paradise. Post continues below video.

Video via Channel 10.

It was a lot.

But what is the truth and what does Niranga, of whom we demand more screen time pls, have to do with it?

We've done some digging, and here's everything we found about Ciarran and Renee before they both appeared in the 2019 Bachelor franchise shows, during filming and before meeting once again at a Bula banquet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Pre-Bachelor and Bachelorette.

Renee briefly appeared on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor. She applied after she and Ciarran broke up.


The former couple dated on-and-off from 2018, and as we learned on BIP, split in part because Ciarran cheated on her.

Conveniently he then appeared on The Bachelorette with Angie Kent last year.

(Channel 10 100 per cent would've known all this messy past, and would've banked on using it to create drama down the line... jackpot!) 

Ciarran left the show in an emotional episode following the death of his nan. He has repeatedly said he believed he would've won if he stayed, and in his exit interview last October told Mamamia "it was a very hard decision to make and I kind of wish I didn't make it".

Post-Bachelorette and Bali.

Renee said Ciarran called her while still in the Bachelorette mansion to say he no longer wanted to be there and was keen to give their relationship another go. She even picked him up from the airport when he arrived back in Darwin.


It seems like they got back together around this time, as according to Renee, he moved back in with her.

In August - about two weeks after The Bachelorette filming ended, and before it aired on our screens - Ciarran and Renee went on holiday to Bali together. This is where Niranga comes in. He, as well as Bachie alum Jarrod Woodgate and Sam Royce (also from Matt's season), were also on the trip.

Just a subtle photo from their Bali trip. Image: Instagram.


And another. Image: Instagram.


A bizarre rumour in Woman's Day suggests Ciarran 'proposed' to Renee on this trip, but the image of him on one knee really just looks like he fell over. 

Regardless, by October The Bachelorette had aired, and Ciarran quickly became a public favourite.

Renee told TV Week she broke up with him after discovering he had cheated on her at a wedding. This all went down about four weeks before Paradise began filming in November, she said, so right around the time paparazzi began following Ciarran's every move, snapping him with other women in Sydney.

This explains why their emotions were so high at the Bula banquet; they had only broken up a month beforehand.

So did Ciarran lie about why he left The Bachelorette?

Image: Channel 10.


Ciarran was open about how important his nan was to him on his single date with Angie, so when he told her he needed to leave the mansion after her death, she fully understood.

Following Tuesday night's Bachelor in Paradise, viewers wondered the extent of his lies. 

On spoiler Instagram account Bachie Funny, a follower asked if his nan actually died. Sam Royce (Renee's friend, also from the Bali trip, was very briefly on Matt's Bach season) commented it was his great grandma who died but since Ciarran didn't bring out a complete family tree when explaining his grief to Angie, we don't know for sure.

Though it is pretty horrible to have to prove the death of a relative, Ciarran shared her funeral order of service on his Instagram story.

Image: Instagram.


The general consensus is that Ciarran, grieving someone he loved and feeling isolated in the mansion, wanted to be with someone he was close to and trusted, which would explain why he called Renee.

Yikes. What are the other Bach nation members saying?

OKAY. So this Ciarran and Renee situation seems to have split past Bachie contestants into three camps: Camp Ciarran, Camp Renee, and Camp Abbie, for those who give no f*cks. 

Bach nation is weirdly incestuous, and we're sorry but the below may have you looking like the math woman meme.


You, after reading the below few paragraphs. Image: Giphy.

Following the episode, Keira Maguire commented that she felt bad for Ciarran. Bachie Funny (who runs this account? They deserve all the awards), asked 'Could Keira taking Ciarran's side have anything to do with Renee living with Jarrod's girlfriend Sam and them all being best mates?'

Did we mention Sam is dating Jarrod Woodgate, a.k.a Keira's ex? Oh yeah, so that is a thing.


Then on that post, Renee herself commented: "Yep hahaha".

Things got even weirder after that because somehow, Jamie Doran and Keira began publicly ARGUING?

Peep the random comments from Wazza, a.k.a the man who left Angie's season because he didn't like dressing up as a chicken. Good to see you, mate.


Glenn, in further proof he does not possess an ability to speak, commented just an emoji. This is already complicated enough, but... (SPOILER AHEAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

Rumour has it Glenn and Renee are actually together now, after meeting in Fiji.


As for Timm, the captain of Camp Ciarran, he's letting his meme game do the talking.

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So now what?

Bachelor in Paradise was filmed way back in November. While this was all fresh for Ciarran and Renee back then, a lot has happened in the nine months since, a global pandemic for starters.

Relationship-wise, it seems like both have definitely moved on since these episodes were filmed. If you read the above spoiler, you'll know what Renee's relationship status is believed to be.

As for Ciarran, we are pretty sure he leaves Fiji with an upcoming intruder (full spoilers here) though they either got told off by Ten for being a little too obvious on their social media, or they've since split.

The drama is likely to continue when the rest of the contestants discover Renee's claim in Wednesday night's episode.

Even though both probably knew they'd be meeting again in Paradise, it's unlikely Ciarran or Renee agreed to the show knowing there would be a dinner party designed with the sole purpose of airing their dirty laundry. Both struggled emotionally in the episode, and we're yet to hear about any mental health resources or concessions made to help them out.

Now we're all up in their business, so here's hoping the production team have made these resources available.

And remember, be kind.


Feature image: Channel 10.