The final season of UnREAL is here and it will change the way you see TV.

The fourth and final season of UnREAL has dropped in full on streaming service Stan precisely at the time when Australians need it the most.

Aussie reality TV junkies are currently at the feverish heights of their obsession with watching strangers profess their love for one another on TV, with Love Island having just wrapped and The Bachelor about to kick off for a new season.

Now UnREAL is here to remind you what’s actually going on behind the curtain.

If you need a refresher on this groundbreaking show, UnREAL takes audiences behind the scenes of a The Bachelor type reality TV dating show called Everlasting, shining a spotlight on the true manipulation and ugliness it takes to make your favourite TV shows.

The show centres on Rachel Goldberg (played by Shiri Appleby) who serves as a lead producer on Everlasting and is renowned for her skills at manipulating her relationships with the contestants to get the outrageous footage that the program’s ferocious and brilliant executive producer Quinn King (Constance Zimmer) demands of her.

Season four follows Rachel (a once again brilliant performance by Appleby who also directs two episodes of the season including the series finale) and Quinn (Zimmer, who also directs one episode) as they return to the set of Everlasting for an “All-Stars”-themed season.

Listen to UnReal star Constance Zimmer talk about what went on behind the scenes of UnReal season three and the evolution of Quinn King with Mamamia Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik. 

Also returning for the show’s fourth and final season (streaming service Hulu, who runs the show in the US, confirmed to news outlets that this will be the show’s final season) is Australian actor Adam Demos who is reprising his role as hippie bachelor August.

According to Demos, the popularity of UnREAL has forever changed the way we view this genre of TV, although he cautioned that true romantics will never want to believe that televised searches for true love are a complete lie.

“I think we all have a hopeless romantic in us and the heart will control what the head won’t,” he told Mamamia. “Your heart will override your mind.

“Also, because so many people watch UnREAL and they now know how reality shows are really made, they know what to look for.

“They now watch these shows thinking “where is the Quinn move here?’ or “where is the Rachel move?’ and they are starting to figure out for themselves what is really going on. That’s how I feel about reality TV now, you are looking for those edits and looking to see who they are trying to make out as the villain.

UnREAL has only made people more interested in reality TV, because now we all feel like we are in on the secret.”

Adam Demos in UnREAL season four. Source: Stan.

Demos has also promised that fans of UnREAL will not be disappointed with the all-stars series of the show, confirming that the writers really went to town when it came to coming up with story-lines for the characters.

"It’s all-stars this season so it’s kind of like Bachelor in Paradise," he said. "It’s this idea of pitting male and female contestants against each other and then they are all trying to mess with each other. The writers get to explore that idea a little more than they have in the past.

“Fans can also expect Quinn and Rachel to make a lot more big life decisions this time around and there are huge cliffhangers in this season too. It’s the usual UnREAL madness but the writers also just really went for it. To make it fresh.

“Most of my scenes will be with Quinn and Rachel. Look,  August is hooking up with Rachel a lot and there’s a lot going on between him and Quinn as well. There are a few other characters August has some questionable interactions with, as usual he is a bit all over the place."

It's safe to say that season four of UnREAL has really turned things around this time around.

Instead of grappling with the consequences of her actions behind-the-scenes of Everlasting, Rachel has fully immersed herself in her villainous role. Not only is she sporting a whole new look, (including blonde hair) she's also taking things much further with the contestants safety and feelings than Quinn ever did.

It may be the last season of UnREAL, but the show is really going out with a bang.

Every episode of UnREAL season four premiered Tuesday 17 July exclusively on Stan and is now available to stream. UnREAL Seasons one and three  are currently streaming exclusively on Stan.