With just two emojis, Chrissy Teigen savagely trolled her husband John Legend.

They say every good relationship requires a certain level of banter. Don’t ask who they are, they just do.

By banter, we mean a cheeky jab at your partner’s insecurities here and there, taking them down a peg when the situation calls for it and a sprinkling of smart arse-ness.

Someone who knows this is Chrissy Teigen.

The 32-year-old model and TV host has been with singer John Legend for 11 years and married for seven. They have an almost two-year-old daughter Luna and are expecting their second child, a son, in June.

So on Sunday when The Sunday Times Style ran an interview on John, announcing the story with this lovely tweet…

Chrissy couldn’t help but to seize the opportunity to promptly troll her husband with just two emojis – an eye roll and vomit face.


Understandably Twitter approved of this A+ level banter, with many asking if it’s possible to love Chrissy more than they already do.



Chrissy and John have a long and esteemed history of Twitter trolling. Only we’re not sure if John knows because it mainly involves Chrissy giving him crap.

Also because in said The Sunday Times Style interview, the 39-year-old said the secret to his relationship is “buy[ing] flowers every once in a while, let the person know that you’re still turned on by them.”

Oh honey, no.

Clearly, Chrissy’s love language is troll. See below.



However their trolling/banter dynamic works, we’d very much appreciate it if Chrissy could continue to tweet and never, ever stop. Cheers.

P.S. If you think your partner might not be a feminist like John Legend, Mamamia Out Loud has some advice for you below.

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