'It's been over 10 years, but I'll always be asked about being Chris Hemsworth's DWTS partner.'

Every so often someone will say to me: ‘I found out something fun about you!’

I instantly know what they are talking about. I don’t even have a moment of panic where all those stories from my misspent youth come rushing back to me. I know exactly what they are talking about.

My heart doesn’t sink, but there is definitely a sigh. Then, almost automatically, I get this feeling like someone is standing behind me. I can feel a presence. It’s a mix of extroverted energy, Nordic good looks and determination.

The ‘fun thing’ they have found out, is also the best thing the internet knows about me. I was Chris Hemsworth’s dance partner on Dancing with the Stars.

I take a deep breath and launch into the spiel…

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‘Yes, I was his partner on DWTS… 10 years ago. He’s lovely. He wasn’t a very good dancer… Very tall. 6’ 3”. We came 6th. No, that’s Liam. Yep…Thor, YEP! I’ve never been to his house in Byron Bay. No, we don’t keep in touch.…’

I try not to make it the most interesting thing about me but it always comes up. I’d have thought by now it would be old news. It’s been over 10 years! But Hemsy’s career, profile and public adoration continues to grow. I’m constantly tagged in social media posts of him, usually shirtless.


Then, the next day, there is a news story about said shirtless picture breaking the internet (how does that make the news..?!). I’m not exaggerating when I say his name is mentioned to me daily.

“I’m sooo not interested in this bozo…” #awkwardface #TBTuesday #ATDATT

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People ask me strange questions about him, and for a long time they all wanted to know if I’d met Miley Cyrus. Unfortunately, I have not (sigh, again).


I do secretly enjoy the attention that it brings me, however, it does make me quite aware of my own bad life choices and lack of success.

A few years ago I was interviewed by a New York magazine (“A” New York magazine not ‘New York Magazine’). The feature article was on how Chris Hemsworth is arguably the most successful celebrity to have participated in any of the Dancing with the Stars franchises worldwide.

This Tag Heuer advert is particularly confronting to me as I feel like the whole campaign is targeted at my unfulfilled dreams. Especially when I see this as I’m using public transport, the second saddest form of broke-ness. 7/11 coffee being the first.

I was very complimentary in my interview, but the only thing they printed was a negative comment I made about his lack of dance skills. I was being honest, he was no good at dancing, but I now feel regretful for neglecting to mention that I’m not at all surprised by his success.


My experience of Chris Hemsworth was always positive. A superhuman with a bloody good work ethic, a happy disposition and a big heart. He grew up in a beautiful family and to my knowledge, he has everything he’s ever wanted. And after all his success I’m sure he’s still that down to earth bloke with a pocket full of dreams.

I’m also confident he would still be able to recite every single word from the movie Point Break, and never have any cash on him, so you’re the one who has to shout him a coffee!

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I’ll always see him as the kid who introduced me to David Gray, tried to teach me to surf and loved himself sick driving around the Northern Beaches in his VT Commodore. But, he’s also the person who taught me that if you want something, the only person who will stop you from getting it, is yourself.

I think in some ways he’ll always be a part of my life and as long as he’s successful, popular and shirtless, people will continue to mention him to me.

And let’s be honest, I’m more than flattered by the association. The world’s fascination with Chris Hemsworth isn’t going away anytime soon. So I carry on like any other Hemsworth enthusiast would. Delivering my daily spiel and reliving the best thing the internet knows about me.

This is my life with Chris Hemsworth.